The vision and mission of the Beverly Lahaye Institute are the foundation stones for constructing the goals and objectives of the Institute. The accomplishments of the Institute, then, are built on that structure.


Through sound research and education, the Beverly LaHaye Institute will stand strong in defense of the family, Judeo-Christian values, and those conservative principles that build responsible citizens and cultivate strong families, communities, and nations.


The goal of BLI is to pursue truth with excellence, integrity, and professionalism.


The mission of the Beverly LaHaye Institute is to conduct, promote, and disseminate research and analysis that will:

increase understanding of women’s concerns and issues,help preserve and strengthen the family,undergird the Judeo-Christian foundation of American culture,track American cultural and demographic trends,inform and educate policymakers and opinion leaders, media, and the general public, andprovide leadership in revitalizing America as a free society, where citizens can pass alongtheir values and ideals to their children and participate as self-governing individuals whosepersonal decisions shape their and their children’s futures.