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Human Trafficking Caucus Briefing1/26/2011

Right-Click and “Save Target As” here to download the Human Trafficking Caucus Briefing  READ MORE

Crouse Delivers Speech at Princeton10/7/2003

Dr. Crouse delivered the following speech at Princeton University on October 7th on the intersection of conservatism and feminism. A recent CBS poll revealed that three out of four women described the word feminist as an insult. Another study found that the number of working women who believe that a career is as important as […]  READ MORE

Welfare Reform is Reducing Child Poverty7/17/2003

Washington, D.C.Data released today assessing the impact of welfare reform programs reveal that they worked exceptionally well. The just-released report “Reducing Child Poverty: Did Welfare Reform Work?” also eliminates economic expansion as the primary reason for decreasing poverty among children. The economic expansion of the 1980s reduced unemployment by more than 4 million persons but […]  READ MORE

Vineyard Appeals to School Board Over Sex Ed Curriculum6/6/2003

Angie Vineyard, Research Fellow with the Beverly LaHaye Institute, implored the Arlington County school board to offer the newly approved sex education curriculum as an “opt into” rather than “out of” course. Offering the new sex curriculum as an “opt into” class gives parents an opportunity to first view the material and makes the decision […]  READ MORE

Remarks at Press Conference2/13/2003

Coalition for Adolescent Sexual Health Press Conference Remarks February 13, 2003 10:00 a.m. 2226 Rayburn House Office Building by Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D. Thank you, Peter. As he said, I am Janice Crouse and I come to you from an academic background. Prior to coming to Washington, I was a professor and debate coach and […]  READ MORE

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