Recapping The United Nations

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Janice Crouse at the United Nations

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Conference is now over. But what happened? Did radical feminists gain the upper hand? Did the Far Left succeed in demonizing masculinity? What did President Bush say that some countries found so deplorable? What happened when delegates refused to agree?

The Beverly LaHaye Institute invites you to click onto the links below and catch up on highlights you won’t see anywhere else!

Day 1: Pro-Family Delegates Evoke Fear at U.N.
Day 2: Playing the Blame Game at the U.N.
Day 3: Legalizing Prostitution at the U.N.
Day 4: The U.N.’s Bully Pulpit on CEDAW
Day 5: Cause to Celebrate
Day 6: Battling it Out at the U.N.
Day 7: U.N. Delegates: Let’s Talk About Porn
Day 8: Inequality in Housework = Violence Against Women?
Day 9: Are Women More Vulnerable to Violence?
Day 10: Shutting Down the Feminists
Recap: U.N. Adjourns in Chaos

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