The Girl Scouts of America are on a downward spiral — a once great organization now leaning alarmingly to the Left and encouraging our nation’s young women to do the same!

Who is training the next generation of young women leaders when even the Girl Scouts are facing a crisis of character?

With your help, we are!

As President Ronald Reagan once said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”

CWA is doing all we can to embolden young women and fill them with the courage and strength to bring their values to their college campuses … and the nation.

Young Women for America empowers young women to make a profound impact — to engage in today’s pressing issues — to voice their values in a world dominated by anti-faith, anti-family ideology — to bring solid, Biblical values to the national and world stage — and to connect and unite with like-minded women at their schools.

Please give a generous online donation today and join CWA in our growing nationwide effort to reach, empower, and embolden young women of faith and equip them with Biblical truth.