Rapidly Spreading, Antibiotic-Resistant Gonorrhea; Pressure on Nicauragua

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September 26, 2000

The latest bulletin from the CDC, National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention notes that there is a new and rapidly spreading, antibiotic-resistant strain of gonorrhea. In the 1980’s two antibiotics became ineffective for treatment of gonorrhea. Now, according to CDC, two antibiotics that have been recommended since 1989 show high levels of resistance. Perhaps the girls on Sex and the City should not be quite so blasabout their encounters with STDs.

“Secretive, Manipulative” Pressure on Nicaragua
According to a report from the National Catholic Register, the United Nations Population Fund withheld millions of U.S. dollars in aid to Nicaragua after the devastation of Hurricane Mitch because Max Padilla, former Nicaraguan minister of family affairs, would not abandon the nation’s pro-life policies. The controversy arose over definitions of gender and reproductive health rights. Padilla refused to accept definitions that would entail access to abortion. The report stated that Mr. Padilla was forced to resign after he created a commission, including many pro-life experts, to plan definitions with pro-life standards for gender and health rights. The Zenit news agency reported that Padilla’s ouster came on the heels of European diplomatic representatives’ complaints about the pro-life stance of the Padilla commission even though several United Nations conferences have failed to reach agreement on the controversial gender and reproductive rights definitions. Padilla responded by saying that in Nicaragua, “Anti-life forces are moving and pulling strings in the same secretive, manipulative way as they do in the international arena. I hope we can raise public awareness before we suffer the consequences.”

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