Raising a “Tolerant” Child

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A nationwide survey conducted by the Barna Research Group found that 96 percent of parents with children under the age of 13 assert that they have the primary responsibility for teaching their children values. Just one percent gave that role to the child’s school and one percent to the church.

However, schools and some educators are attempting to take this central role of parenting and turn young, impressionable children against the values and religious beliefs of their parents. Those with an agenda know persuadable children hold the key to their long-term success. What better target than America’s public schools?

The Agenda

The determined and destructive homosexual agenda deceives parents and children alike under the term “diversity.” While the government works to keep Christianity out of public schools, it has opened wide the door of perversion in the name of tolerance. Homosexual activists have succeeded in labeling any beliefs against homosexuality however logical or biblical as “bigotry” and their well-entrenched goal is to convince children they must reject their parents’ “bigoted” values and beliefs.

Speakers at the 1999 Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Educational Network (GLSEN) conference in Atlanta unashamedly spoke of public school students as GLSEN targets. “The fear of the religious right is that the schools of today are the governments of tomorrow,” Deanna Duby of the National Education Association said. “And you know what? They’re right.” James Anderson, director of communications for GLSEN added, “If we do our jobs right, we’re going to raise a generations of kids who don’t believe the claims of the religious right” (Conservative News Service 10/4/99).

Gay and lesbian organizations are not working alone to indoctrinate children with the homosexual agenda. The National Education Association (NEA), the largest and most powerful teachers’ union, held its recent annual meeting with 10,000 members attending on July 3. As in years past, a silent agenda slid through the conference within 300 adopted resolutions.

The Washington Times reported, “In the resolutions, NEA members supported homosexual rights; programs to teach schoolchildren to be tolerant of homosexual, bisexual and “transgendered” lifestyles; and allowing “reproductive freedom,” including abortion, for teenagers.”

NEA President Reg Weaver was quoted in The Washington Times stating, “Our organization is a microcosm of society, and our members reflect the views and opinions of that society. But I will say, the resolutions reflect how people feel about society as well as what we can do to help children.”

In 1999 the NEA along with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Medical Association, and the American School Health Association published a booklet titled Just The Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth. This booklet distributed to schools across the country encourages children to experiment with homosexual behavior and calls for censoring free speech rights of teachers or counselors who might present a biblical perspective on homosexuality. This prevents children from hearing that there is any other choice besides accepting that they are gay. The booklet endorses what Newsweek has called “sexual fluidity:”

“Someone does not have to be exclusively homosexual or heterosexual, but can feel varying degrees of attraction for both genders. . . . A guidance counselor in a public school may not attempt to persuade a gay, lesbian, or bisexual student of the religious belief that homosexuality is a sin, or otherwise seek to impose a negative religious view on being gay, lesbian, or bisexual on the student. . . .”

“Gay-Ed for Tots”

Those pushing the homosexual agenda recognize the benefit and effectiveness of starting indoctrination young. In 1996 the Weekly Standard article, “Gay-Ed for Tots” reported the implementation of a homosexual lesson plan for kindergartners and first-graders in San Franciso. The Washington Times reported that a 1997 Massachusetts school board voted to teach pre-schoolers about homosexual behavior. In 2002 WorldNetDaily.com ran an article on a GLSEN school presentation called “Cootie Shots” where children as young as seven were required to attend. Orlean Koehle, a California substitute teacher and State President of Eagle Forum of California, reported on children learning slogans like, “I’m gay and it’s okay.” Koehle also noted a situation with a third-grade girl coming home and asking her father, “Daddy, am I a lesbian? I like girls better than boys.” Before some parents even feel it’s appropriate to explain heterosexual sex to their children the schools take it upon themselves to start talking about homosexual sex! According to Peter LaBarbera, a policy analyst for the Culture and Family Institute, “It is outrageous that GLSEN advocates pro-gay ‘lessons’ for kids who don’t even know what sex is yet.”

Trumping Academia

The current homosexual tactic in high schools builds evidence that public schools are being used for an agenda trumping academics. In 1996 GLSEN started a program known as “Day of Silence.” Gay and lesbian students wear a badge giving them the “right” to remain silent when called upon or spoken to during school. The silent protest represents those who have remained “silent” for years about their sexual orientation for fear of ridicule. In April 2003, over 2,000 schools participated in the event with every state represented for the first time.

Pro-homosexual groups have jumped on the diversity bandwagon to push their programs and ideologies through the public school system. Common names for these programs include “days of diversity, day of dialogue, multi-culturalism, day of unity, date of tolerance, ” etc., but an examination of the programs, emphases, and speakers of such days reveals attempts to lead young people away from the traditional family and Judeo-Christian values. Koehle opted her child out from a Santa Rosa High School “Days of Diversity” week and went in his place. She found 14 classes supported gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender philosophies. The presenters argued that women who don’t like make-up and frills are transgender. During an assembly for the whole school a program titled “Sex and Stuff” only mentioned a form of abstinence as “Sex can wait, masturbate!”

Koehle and other parents attempted to add balance to the week’s programming, but out of 82 presentations only two were accepted. When other programs dropped out, other conservative presentations were allowed: a total of nine conservative presentations included a pro-American view of the US Bill of Rights, abstinence, drug and alcohol abuse, and presentations about those who had come out of the homosexual lifestyle.

While activists carry the culture war into schools, academic education suffers. The 2002 National Assessment of Educational Progress reported that national reading results at all three grades (4, 8 and 12) who attended nonpublic schools had higher average reading scores in 2002 than students attending public schools. In 2001 The National Center for Policy Analysis reported “home-schoolers’ overall test scores [placed] them between the 75th and 85th percentilesPublic school students scored at the 50th percentile, while private school students’ scores ranged from the 65th to the 75th percentile.”

Different elements contribute to these statistics, but allowing students to “silently” hold a protest during class and spending time and money on programs teaching sexual orientation weakens the focus of true academic learning.

An Agenda Succeeding

In 2002 a Thomas More Center press release noted a Massachusetts high school freshman health text book which reads, “Testing your ability to function sexually and give pleasure to another person may be less threatening in your early teens with people of your own sexYou may come to the conclusion that growing up means rejecting the values of your parents.”

Parents, educators, and homosexual activists alike ask the pivotal question, “Is the agenda working?” There is clear evidence that it is.

A 2001 Zogby Poll International found 85 percent of high school seniors believe homosexual men and lesbians should be accepted by society; 68 percent said homosexual couples should be allowed to adopt; and two-thirds support same-sex marriages. In 1996 the Boston Herald reported 80 percent of evangelical Christian students support hate-crime legislation, which ultimately can silence religious speech against homosexuality.

Unless parents and communities take notice and speak out against using schools to indoctrinate children with the homosexual agenda, the next generation will be desensitized from any standard of right and wrong by clever use of programs to promote “tolerance,” “acceptance,” and “diversity.” If parents and communities are not successful in instilling Judeo-Christian values in children, the stage will be set for uninhibited immorality to be the new societal norm.

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