Bring our imprisoned American brothers home

Stand with CWALAC at this critical moment for America’s safety and Israel’s.

Please sign this online petition, making your voice heard strongly on this issue: pressing Congress to sign and pass a Resolution of Disapproval, and holding President Obama accountable for his dealings with Iran.

A nuclear-capable Iran is Israel’s greatest security threat. And it’s yours, too. Please help us stand in strength and leadership on this issue — the safety of our nation, our families, and our ally Israel is on the line.

Citizen’s Petition Opposing Nuclear “Deal” With Iran


All Members of the United States Senate

and the United States House of Representatives



I stand with Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee in strong opposition to the Obama Administration’s nuclear deal with Iran. A nuclear-capable Iran puts our Middle East allies at serious risk. It is Israel’s greatest security threat — and America’s, too.

For the safety and security of our nation and the world, I urge you to use the powers granted by the Iran Nuclear Agreement Act of 2015 — by signing and passing a critical Resolution of Disapproval, halting this deal until essential requirements are met: namely, the dismantlement of Iran’s nuclear weapons program and the return of American prisoners being wrongly held in Iran.

Please lead where our president has failed to lead. A nuclear Iran poses a threat to your family, our country, and our ally Israel. Freeing Pastor Saeed Abedini and the three other innocent Americans should have been part of the original deal.







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