Pro-Life Victories at the U.N.’s Commission on Population and Development

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BLI_UnitedNationsOur colleague in pro-life, pro-marriage, and pro-family efforts, Family Watch International (FWI), reported recently on victories at the April Meeting of the U.N.’s Commission on Population and Development (CPD).  Our friends and colleagues in the pro-life movement lobbied heavily for parental rights; they were so successful, reports FWI, that the leftist group Population Action International “bemoaned” the mention of the “rights, duties and responsibilities of parents” in connection with the “sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and youth.”

In addition to the parental rights victory, FWI reported four other victories:

  1. So-called “sexual rights” were rejected. Sharon Slater, president of FWI, reported that the U.N.’s goal of advancing alleged “sexual rights” was thwarted.  The original document included in multiple paragraphs the phrase, “rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity,” but through many “contentious negotiations,” multiple delegations supported the family with the encouragement and information provided by our coalition.
  2. All controversial references endorsing in the radical U.N.F.P.A. report, “ICPD Beyond 2014,” were removed from the CPD Outcome Document after heavy lobbying by the U.N. Family Rights Caucus.  FWI’s Director of International Activities, Annie Franklin, gave a speech on the U.N. floor warning delegates that the radical U.N.F.P.A. report contains more than 500 highly controversial references (including 173 references to abortion, 44 references to sexual and reproductive rights, 25 references to “sexual orientation,” and 18 references to comprehensive sexuality education).
  3. The CPD Outcome Document, once again, reaffirms respect for National sovereignty and Religious and Cultural Values.  FWI President Slater reported that activists in the U.N. Family Rights Caucus “fought hard” and won in their effort to keep the CPD Outcome Document from imposing the radical sexual rights agenda on countries around the world.
  4. Many Countries Issued Reservations to “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE).  FWI has repeatedly warned various nations about the dangers of CSE, calling it “LGBT and abortion ‘rights’ indoctrination in disguise.”  Slater reported that during the contentious and manipulative all-night negotiations toward the end of the CPD conference in New York, the entire African voting bloc held firm to demand respect for the rights of parents in training their children about sex.  In addition, many nations spoke out “more harshly than ever before against the unfair tactics, manipulations, and procedures that were used to [try to] get everyone to agree to what was clearly not a true consensus document.”

Concerned Women for America is pleased to be a member of the coalition working so diligently at the United Nations.  We typically send around 20 volunteers to lobby at the Commission on the Status of Women, but depend on the work of our wonderful colleagues, like Family Watch International, at many other U.N. conferences, including the Commission on Population and Development.  We congratulate Family Watch for their success at the most recent CPD and rejoice with them at these victories for life, marriage, and family.