Pro-Family Delegates Evoke Fear at UN

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United Nations Headquarters, New York City — Gathering representatives from all four corners of the globe, the Commission on the Status of Women March 3-14 conference convened today at the United Nations in New York. Delegates from countries such as Argentina, China, Cuba, Germany, South Africa and the United States will tackle two key issues: participation and access of women to the media, and information and communication technologies and their impact on and use as an instrument for the advancement and empowerment of women; women’s human rights and elimination of all forms of violence against women and girls.

Janice Shaw Crouse, Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute, was chosen as one of three U.S. delegates to participate at the CSW conference. And another strong pro-family ally, Wendy Wright, will represent Concerned Women for America this week to oppose the always-present radical feminist agenda at the UN.

Having trained an NGO team of 9 women to lobby at the Beijing +5 conference in 2000 and having served as a US Delegate at the Children’s Summit last year, Janice Crouse’s presence at the UN evokes fear from left-wing liberals who are quick to criticize her publicly. Last month, The Nation, a voice for the left, asserted, “Bush has sent pit-bull delegations seemingly bent on ravaging both the global spirit as well as hard-fought consensus built throughout the past decade on social justice and human rights, especially women’s rights.” (2/3/2003)

In reality, smaller countries have refused to embrace the radical feminist agenda and are quite relieved for the presence of a pro-family U.S. delegation.

“Women of the world depend on the United States’ influence at the UN to guarantee their human rights which means basic respect and dignity as well as to help meet their human needs as opposed to the special agenda of the radical feminists who focus on a woman’s right to choice which means abortion and sexual orientation,” said Janice Crouse.

“The US delegations under the Bush administration have perfectly reflected the views and values of most of the smaller nations at the UN who are now breathing easier because they have a strong ally at the UN.”

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