Prayer, the Ultimate Anti-Sex-Trafficking Program

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There are days when e-mails, all dealing with sex trafficking, pile into my mailbox. The horrors that one person willingly and even delightedly inflicts upon another are disgusting and evil. At times it is overwhelming, and a sinking feeling creeps in that it is too big of a problem to tackle.

I have the privilege of working with people who dedicate their lives to eradicating this modern-day slavery. They are inspirational and motivating, but on some days even their energy and determination cannot lift my spirits. It is on those days that I seek the Lord in prayer more often, asking for His encouragement to continue the fight.

When I think of the hundreds of thousands of people enslaved worldwide it breaks my heart. I visited Concerned Women for America’s Crossing the Bridge Project in Mexico in March, and when I recall the images of young girls not much older than 13 or 14 being prostituted on the streets of Mexico City, I fight back the tears again. During that night on the streets, I prayed that those girls and women might feel God’s presence and love. I prayed that He would set them free from their bondage and restore them.

God is the most effective weapon against the slave trade. This statement may raise the argument that God allows this evil to continue, but it is not a valid argument. As C.S. Lewis wrote in Mere Christianity, “If you do not take the distinction between good and bad very seriously, then it is easy to say that anything you find in this world is a part of God. But, of course, if you think some things really bad, and God really good, then you cannot talk like that. You must believe that God is separate from the world and that some of the things we see in it are contrary to His will.” Sex trafficking is against His will. He established moral absolutes, good and evil, and sex trafficking is definitely evil.

Without my faith in God and His control, I would not want to come to work on some days because the fight would appear hopeless. But I know He is in control, that His hand guides anti-trafficking efforts, and that one day He will deliver justice for all of the victims. But until that day comes, I encourage you to join me in prayer.

Pray for the victims. Pray that they will have a hedge of protection around them. Pray that they will have one less client to service that hour or day. Pray that they will be spared a beating or a rape. Pray that they feel God’s love and presence and that they feel hope. Pray that their rescue is imminent. Pray that they will be freed and their lives will be restored, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Pray for President Bush, the band of senators and representatives, and for non-governmental organizations working to abolish slavery. Pray that they will continue to fight the good fight. Pray that they will have the resources to continue the fight. Pray that they will be successful in their efforts and in getting their message out to every person in every nation. Pray that they will influence governments to do what is right and to punish traffickers and johns.

Pray for the State Department’s Trafficking in Persons’ office. Pray that the staff will be encouraged to continue their hard work compiling information about trafficking problems and efforts to eradicate it in nations around the globe. Pray that their efforts to hold these nations accountable will bear fruit.

Pray for those who use slaves, be it sexual or labor. Pray that they will be caught and convicted of their crime. Pray that they will acknowledge their sin and repent. Pray that they will turn their desires from evil and toward good. That instead of benefiting from the enslavement of another human being, they would rescue and restore the enslaved.

Pray for the pimps and the traffickers. Pray that they will be convicted of their crimes, punished and held accountable. Pray that they will be convicted in their heart and soul of their sin, and repent. Pray that they would use their knowledge of the trafficking trade to expose it and destroy it. Pray that they would use their ill-gotten gain to make restitution to the people they enslaved.

Let’s unleash the most powerful fighter, defender of the oppressed, champion of good and enemy of evil. Let’s join together to pray to God daily for the abolition of modern-day slavery.

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Brenda Zurita is Coordinator for CWA’s Crossing the Bridge project.

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