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This week is the White Ribbons Against Pornography Campaign to raise awareness about the extent pornography has invaded our culture, our lives and our minds and what can be done about it constitutionally.

It seems timely given that Halloween is this week too. Have you seen the costumes for sale for girls this year? The porn influence is evident.

Costumes for young girls, beginning with the “tween” set are not the costumes of yore. No clowns with big hair, no escaped criminals with jumpsuits, no hobos. The scarecrow costume no longer has old pants and dad’s shirt with straw hanging out of the cuffs; today’s model is a short skirt with fake straw on the bottom, cap sleeves with fake straw attached and knee-high boots.

In 2007, you can dress your little girl up in a French maid’s outfit, a pirate outfit with the perfect pair of fishnets that were apparently all the rage with women pirates back in the day or in a “red hot devil child” outfit complete with the red-sequined halter top.

Paying homage to the hard-working and dedicated female firefighters everywhere, your daughter can be a fire “girl” complete with the requisite mini skirt that screams safety first in any inferno. The “firefighter” costume for boys comes with a turn-out coat that goes down to the knees and boot covers that come up almost to the knee. And, he gets the toy axe and flashlight too. Our intrepid young fire “girl” gets a fire hat placed at a jaunty angle on her perfectly coiffed head.

For those young ladies who aspire to wear the nation’s uniform when they grow up, they can own the “Major Flirt” olive green short-skirted outfit, with the dominatrix-inspired knee-high boots and standard issue studded choker.

Dorothy’s costume from the Wizard of Oz has also been updated for the modern girl. Think French maid outfit in pale blue and white with white thigh-high stockings and red high heels.

There was not one Chippendale-inspired costume for the boys. In fact, there were no sexualized costumes for the boys. Evidently just our daughters should be tarted up and sent out the door to give the neighborhood pedophile or porn addict a Happy Halloween indeed.

Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Director and Senior Fellow of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, said, “Our culture is robbing our little girls of their childhood. Both psychologists and social workers are concerned about the sexualizing of our children, but too many parents seem to be unaware of the dangers when they encourage their children to follow these exploitative trends.”

Indeed, what message does this send to our girls? It tells them their sexuality is their power, their identity. Imagination don’t need it, just wear a short skirt. Brains who cares as long as your stilettos are high and eye-catching. Drive/Ambition a pair of fishnets or a tight top will get you more attention.

Our culture has been de-sensitized to pornography’s influence. Where is the outrage from parents that these are the Halloween costumes being marketed to their daughters? Why would they even consider buying these or letting their daughters wear them? The mainstreaming of porn has made this seem normal and acceptable today.

Crouse added, “The psychologists are telling us that children’s emotional stability is suffering; the social workers are seeing the harm in children’s everyday life. It’s time for everyone to recognize that we must protect children from marketing ploys that are detrimental to their well-being.”

Let’s not allow our daughters to think this is normal or acceptable. Let’s not allow our sons to think girls and women should only be seen as sexual objects to be ogled and exploited. Women have made great strides over the past several decades; let’s not cede that ground by sexualizing our daughters.

Pornography is unacceptable and harmful to men, women and especially children. Understand it is corrupting our culture, our minds and our kids.


Brenda Zurita is the Research Fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute

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