Pimpfants: A Clothing Line for the Innocent Made by the Depraved

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Yes, you read that correctly, Pimpfants. This is a new clothing line for infants and toddlers made by three 30-something white guys in Oregon. According to an interview posted on pastdeadline.com, two of the three are fathers with young kids.

What do some of the clothes say? “Jr. Pimp Squad” is emblazoned on a basketball outfit. The line of tank tops is called “Baby Beaters,” and a T-shirt sports a phrase that refers to incest. Classy.

So the dads of these poor kids are making them wear misogynistic clothing before they are even able to walk or run away from them. Where are their moms? Where are their grandmothers? Who is standing up to protect these kids from this garbage?

In the pastdeadline.com interview, one of the Pimpfants guys was asked if he hopes his kids will grow up to be pimps and/or prostitutes. He answered: “Oh, no, no. We just thought it would be cute for kids to wear something kind of street.”

Cute? I take it he has never talked to a prostituted woman who has been beaten to within an inch of her life by a pimp. Maybe he’s never read about infants being bought and sold to pedophiles to be raped, tortured and sometimes killed.

There is nothing glamorous or cute about the life of a prostituted woman or child who is held captive by a pimp who sells her to 20 to 30 men a day, keeps her addicted to drugs, beats her when she doesn’t bring in enough money for him, and degrades her verbally and emotionally.

What’s Pimpfants’ contribution to society? Providing an avenue for the next generation to grow up thinking it is acceptable to objectify women and glorify the dehumanization of prostituted women and children around the world.

Hey, maybe they can outfit the children of next year’s Oscar nominees!

Brenda Zurita is coordinator of Concerned Women for America’s Crossing the Bridge Project, a partnership with Mexican pro-family leaders to stop sex trafficking.

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