Perversion Gets Major Cleansing in Dishonest Film

By November 30, 2004Defense of Family
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This commentary appeared in the Sunday, November 28, issue of the Arizona Republic.

It’s all here: Fundamentalist zealots plotting to suppress science. Armies of extremists who stop at nothing to advance their agenda. Tome-thumping “experts” distorting human history.

Oh, you probably thought I was talking about devout Christians, like the self-righteous jerk played by John Lithgow as Alfred Kinsey’s father in the new film Kinsey. No, I’m talking about the Kinsey sex cult that to this day promotes “free sex,” regardless of the human cost-broken marriages, fatherless children, millions of cases of sex diseases, more than 40 million unborn children aborted and a homosexual agenda that promotes sodomy in films, TV and public schools.

Alfred C. Kinsey, the pioneer sex researcher from Indiana University, published Sexual Behavior in the Human Male in 1948, followed by Sexual Behavior in the Human Female in 1953. Thick as bricks, they’re loaded with graph tables. The trouble is, they’re also loaded with fraud and are designed to validate sex with anyone, anywhere, with any gender, at any age. They even indicate that sex with animals is fine.

Kinsey’s aim was to prove, by interviewing thousands of people, that sexual normalcy is a myth. He had a huge personal stake, because, as James Jones’ biography Alfred C. Kinsey: A Public/Private Life (1997) reveals, Kinsey was a sado-masochistic homosexual.

Some of this comes through in the film starring Liam Neeson, but it barely scratches the surface. This is first-rate propaganda, well-acted and well-written. It almost makes you long to be a pervert just to fit in. It has no business being R-rated, and should have been NC-17.

Truth amid the lies

Amid the slanted material, the movie has some honest moments, such as when Kinsey’s wife, Clara, berates him for having sex with his assistant, Clyde Martin. “Stop using science to justify what you’ve done,” she says in tears. Indeed. Later, when adultery threatens marriages among Kinsey’s staff, we get another reminder that sex is not really free. We don’t see, however, that Kinsey himself had put on “sickening pressure,” as one wife later recalled.

Clara goes on to have sex with Martin, and adjusts easily to adultery. The real Clara also had sex with many of Kinsey’s associates, was filmed masturbating, and was a co-dependent for Kinsey’s obsessions. Kinsey had sex with all of his male staff and many male research subjects.

One of the worst Kinsey “findings” is his notion that children are “sexual beings from birth.” The male volume contains charts on the “orgasms” of hundreds of boys who were molested by pedophiles, including a Nazi SS officer whom Kinsey warned in a letter to “watch out” and not get caught. The Kinsey team founded the accrediting organizations that train sex educators, so the Kinsey view of child sexuality is the animating principle behind most sex education today.

A particularly dishonest segment of Kinsey is when dozens of faces are shown, rapid-fire, over a United States map, making it appear that Kinsey interviewed a geographic and ethnic cross-section. But Kinsey’s subjects were nearly all from the Midwest, white, college-educated, with many homosexuals. As Dr. Judith Reisman and Edward Eichel revealed in their 1990 book Kinsey, Sex and Fraud, as much as 25 percent of the male sample was prison inmates, including sex offenders.

Hook, line and sinker

Goaded by a salacious media and Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, the nation bought the Kinsey Report as scientific. Pornography swept the nation (backed by “science” saying it’s harmless), abortion was permitted in 1973 (with Kinsey cited in Roe vs. Wade) and homosexual activists began insisting they were 10 percent of the population (many surveys show it’s under 2 percent) and that they are born “gay” and can’t change (that would be news to thousands of former homosexuals).

Mass media, World War II, the Pill and even the automobile were contributing factors. But Kinsey gave the scientific excuse for people to do wrong and feel good about it.

Like most false religions, the Kinsey sex cult has a demigod as founder. With the film winding down, a woman recounts how she was liberated to act out her sexual dysfunction.

As a violin plays, Neeson’s Kinsey gently asks, “What happened?”

“You happened,” she says. “You saved my life, sir.”

Alfred Kinsey as savior. God help us.

Robert Knight,director of the Culture & Family Institute, an affiliate of Concerned Women for America, wrote and directed a video documentary about Alfred Kinsey, The Children of Table 34. To view CWA’s Web page, “The Truth About Alfred Kinsey,” click here.

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