Of “Lady Parts” and Politics

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The Obama/Biden campaign sure is classy. They have an e-card that says, “Vote like your lady parts depend on it.” Inside it says, “Because they kinda do.”

Here is a screenshot from the Washington Examiner website:


So the top of the Democrat ticket does not think women care about national security, border security, the economy, education, religious freedom, or anything else. The Obama/Biden campaign portrays women as thinking exclusively with their nether regions.

Of course, when they run their national convention as abortionpalooza, what should we expect?

Hey, Obama/Biden campaign, why are you objectifying women and portraying them as one dimensional — with that dimension located in the pelvic area? Do you not respect women?

The Democrats have shouted from the rooftops for months now that the Republicans launched a “war on women.” This e-card says the Democrats are waging war on women’s sense and sensibility.

Democrats don’t recognize and, more importantly, appreciate the complexity and intelligence of women. Evidently, they think women are only good for one thing.

The Obama/Biden campaign should get their minds out of the gutter and out of women’s underwear. Our foremothers did not fight for the right to vote so that the Democrats could reduce them to their “lady parts.”

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