New Mexico: Help Us Ensure Election Integrity in 2022

By March 5, 2022New Mexico
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The 2022 elections are upon us, and we need your help to ensure that every eligible vote counts in New Mexico! Here are ways to engage:

  1. Serve as challengers and watchers during early voting and on Election Day. Click here for information on qualifications and how to apply.
  2. Server as poll workers. If you are interested in serving as a poll worker, contact your local county clerk’s office for job listings and schedule training. Click here and then locate your county’s website. Here is another helpful resource.
  3. Ensure New Mexicans are registered to vote. We have made it easy for you. Download our Conducting a Voter Registration Drive: Instructions and helpful tips document.
  4. Be an informed voter by checking out iVoterGuide.

Other helpful links:

Thank you for making a difference in New Mexico!

Nickie McCarty
State Director
Phone: 575-770-7838