New Book, More, Challenges Christians

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Have you been so caught up with knowing about God, that you’ve missed actually knowing God? Have you settled for the “fallen crumbs” of this world and missed the “richest of fare” the Lord has set out for you? The book, More: the Four Dimensions of Intimacy with God, encourages readers to lay aside personal comforts and ambitions in exchange for the uninhibited joy that comes from a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Marilyn N. Anderes brings refreshing insight about life’s ups and downs due to her experience as an editor, author, mother of three, and grandmother of six. In More, she shares relatable personal stories, including some of her struggles in the faith with bitterness and unrealistic expectations. Ultimately, she surrendered those aspects of her life over to the Lord and found true joy. She promises that Christians who also yearn for more of the Lord can enjoy this same spirit-filled life that goes beyond mere appearances. This allows believers to know the Lord in new ways, experiencing a wider, longer, higher and deeper knowledge of our Creator.

Organized as a devotional resource, the book comes alive with her personal stories, poignant analogies and applicable Scriptures, making it readable, relational and motivating. Anderes set out concrete challenges for Christians at any stage in life. Her book leaves readers to reflect on important questions: Am I loving and glorifying the Lord without inhibition and without selfishness? Am I relying on Christ for my identity, rather than my kids, my job, or anything else? Has my faith reached a plateau because of my unwillingness to risk my comfort for Christ?

Not only does the book invite contemplation, it also gives us a practical guide to the Christian life. We can express our gratitude to the Lord with a song of praise, sharing what He has done in our lives with unbelieving friends, or waking up before dawn to read Scripture with the same exuberance a young woman reads a love letter.

This book is for people of any age, male or female, people in the worst of trials, people experiencing the highest of joys, or even people facing the drudgery of a mundane, unfulfilled life.

In a world where a growing number of churches care more about the condition of their building than the condition of their members’ souls, it is critical that Christians strive to keep priorities in order. Anderes challenges us to go beyond “doing church” out of duty, and rather plunge into Christian life that is more than surface deep. This unabashed love of Christ flows not from this duty, but rather from our delight and our desire to know Him more.

More, the Four Dimensions of Intimacy with God, published by Chosen, can be purchased via Concerned Women for America’s Web site.

Stephanie Warner, a junior at Grove City College, is an intern with the Beverly LaHaye Institute in CWA’s Ronald Reagan Memorial Internship Program.

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