Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom

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Friday, March 23 at Noon
Locations all across the U.S.

Thousands of Americans will gather on Friday, March 23, at noon outside federal buildings and other official locations and historic sites across the country to stand for religious freedom and for those rights that are “endowed to us by our Creator” and established in the U.S. Constitution. Americans will stand in opposition to the new mandate from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The Obama Administration and cooperative media describe the HHS Mandate as an issue of women’s reproductive rights and a matter of contraception, but most Americans understand that requiring all employers to provide free contraceptives, sterilization, and abortion-inducing drugs through their health coverage is a matter of religious freedom, because it both violates the consciences of the nation’s individuals and their employers and violates the Constitution that expresses our God-given rights as human beings and citizens of the United States of America.

The Americans gathered at the rallies will hold signs reading, “Stand Up for Religious Freedom,” and “Stop the HHS Mandate.” CWA members will carry signs with the message “Women of Faith Stand for Religious Freedom.” The participants will sing hymns and pray for the nation and for national and local holders of political offices. Public figures and religious leaders will speak out about why the HHS mandate is unconstitutional and un-American. Everyone involved will be practicing our constitutional freedom of speech by standing for constitutional religious freedom.

The president, the Secretary of HHS, and others have tried to paper over the violations of religious freedom and the constitutional issues associated with the HHS Mandate. The bald fact is that even with the so-called “compromises” and “accommodations,” people of faith who hold deep beliefs about the sanctity of life will be forced to pay for actions that violate their consciences. The latest “accommodation” requires colleges and universities to provide free sterilizations to college students who are typically only 18-22 years old and hardly prepared to make such a permanent and life-altering decision.

Further, the more we learn about the administration’s actions, the clearer the violations against religious freedom and the more unconstitutional the actions are revealed to be. The nation recently learned that ObamaCare provides $1 abortions. Pro-lifers have known that Section 1303 required health care enrollees to pay a separate monthly surcharge for abortion coverage. Now that the final HHS rules are exposed, we know that the surcharge is a dollar. That accounting gimmick means that most people — whether knowingly or not — will be paying for abortions through their health care coverage. All this information flies in the face of the “accommodation” assurances that were meant to silence opposition to the HHS Mandate until its provisions were set in stone.

Concerned Women for America (CWA), the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization with over 500,000 members, is one of the sponsors of the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom. CWA is a leader in the nationwide effort to raise awareness over the religious freedom violations and unconstitutional dimensions of the HHS Mandate (as well as ObamaCare in general) through our website and our articles and commentaries available in numerous media outlets.

We encourage our members and friends across the nation to gather at noon on Friday to stand for religious freedom. Click here to find the location of a rally near you. In Washington, D.C., the rally will meet in front of the HHS building on Independence Avenue below Capitol Hill. CWA state leaders are involved in events in Hawaii, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Maine, Oklahoma and other states.

We must not be fooled by the Obama Administration’s efforts to suppress opposition to the unpopular mandate. Nor should we accept “comment periods,” accounting gimmicks, or other official actions that imply an openness that does not exist in the HHS Mandate and subsequent actions. The First Amendment clearly establishes the administration’s violation of religious liberty, and their own notices admit the deceptive nature of the “pass-along” costs and “pool resources” that leave employers paying for services that are morally or religiously objectionable to them.

Penny Morrell, state director for CWA of Maine, noted, “Recently, a federal judge in the state of Washington said a state regulation forcing pharmacists to dispense possible abortion-causing drugs against their religious convictions was unconstitutional. Likewise, Washington, D.C., has no right to tell us we may or may not practice our deeply held religious convictions. As Christians, we know that our rights are endowed by our Creator, and are not gifts from the state. Consequently, we must continue to pray for our legislators and judges to govern our nation and our people correctly. But we must not stop there. We must get involved and take action; we can begin by participating in the Nationwide Rally for Religious Freedom.”

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