National Marriage Week

By January 31, 2012Defense of Family
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Congratulations, you did it! You successfully made it through another Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Your in-laws loved the feasts, your home resembled a Norman Rockwell masterpiece, and your kids were thrilled with the gifts you spent entirely too much time and money on. And now Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. No, you don’t need to bake heart-shaped cupcakes for your daughter’s classroom. After a stressful season, it’s important to take this holiday to rejuvenate and strengthen your marriage.

That’s why Concerned Women for America would like to invite you to join us from February 7-14 in supporting marriage. Let’s work to build stronger marriages and end the catastrophic 51 percent divorce rate in our country. Your marriage is worth taking a week – yes, a week – to learn strategies that build lasting marriage bonds and ultimately impact your family, community, and our culture. Consider the myriad of benefits a healthy marriage can bring – greater accumulated wealth, a longer life, healthier children, and the list goes on.

CWA encourages you to set aside time next month to strengthening your marriage, restoring your family, and ensuring the prosperity of future generations to come. We offer the following resources as a starting point:

I Am Not My Husband
By Janice Shaw Crouse
The man I married so very long ago is a wonderful husband and father. He plays a very special role — an irreplaceable role.

I’m Not My Wife
By Mario Diaz, Esq.
Anyone with children can testify how children learn how to express their feelings, handle conflict, interact with others, and simply how to be a boy or a girl from that miracle called marriage.

Can We Love?
By Chelsen Vicari and Caroline Biggs
Jacob and Rachel’s love story should be titled, “The Real Housewives of Mesopotamia.”

Marriage Matters
By Janice Shaw Crouse
Marriage is a critical element in a free society, and society’s most vulnerable communities — especially minorities and the poor — suffer the most from the nation’s retreat from marriage. Compared to other household arrangements, marriage is by far the best for raising children and offers financial advantages as well. We offer this brilliant resource in three formats:

A brochure (excerpted from the book)

A hardback book

An e-book format

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