Michelle Goldberg’s Alternative Reality

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Michelle Goldberg, author and social commentator, has come out with a new book, Kingdom Coming, which is causing quite a stir. In it, she claims that the “Religious Right” wants to take over the government and establish a theocracy in America. She claims that “fundamentalist Christian” groups want to see their religious beliefs become the law of the land.

Goldberg specifically cites Concerned Women for America (CWA) drawing heavily on her reactions to a lecture by Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Senior Fellow of CWA’s think tank, the Beverly LaHaye Institute. Crouse, an official U.S. delegate to the United Nations (U.N.) in 2003 and 2004, lectured on “Feminism’s Failures.” Goldberg is convinced that CWA is made up of “totalitarian belligerents” who live in an “all-encompassing alternative reality.”

One has to ask, “Who is the one living in an alternative reality?”

In a recent interview with the online magazine Gothamist, Goldberg gave us a glimpse of her alternative reality. She said that the most shocking event she had ever witnessed by a “fundamentalist” Christian was Dr. Crouse’s U.N. presentation on the fallacies of feminism. Goldberg remembers being “really stunned” because of the “blatancy” of Crouse’s “appeal to patriarchy.”

Feminists have mistakenly associated women’s “empowerment” with “abortion rights” because, in reality, abortion is harmful to women both physically and emotionally. Goldberg’s flawed association may explain why she was “appalled” at Crouse’s description of the harmful impact of abortion on women and on the societies that condone it.

Goldberg was especially offended that Crouse compared the killing of millions of aborted babies to atrocities at Nazi concentration camps and the overwhelming butchery of past communist regimes. But Dr. Crouse insists that these historic atrocities serve as examples of misguided policies based on faulty utopian visions that produced human disasters.

“Not only have over 40 million babies died since the legalization of abortion, but many women have suffered physically with uterine perforation, cervical laceration, increased risks of breast, cervical, ovarian and liver cancer, and death as a direct result of an abortion procedure,” she says. “In addition, women have felt the pain of psychological dysfunction as a result of having an abortion. The rest of the world lived in denial while the Nazis killed Jews and other innocent lives they considered unworthy, and we must not follow in their blood-stained footsteps.”

We can no longer live in an alternative world by ignoring the brutal reality of abortion.

Goldberg’s recent criticisms of the pro-life movement should not surprise anyone who has read any of her latest articles, including, “Tyranny of the Christian Right,” or read her latest book, Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism. In her writings, she expresses contempt for home schooling in America, asserts that the “Christian Right” wants to take away Americans’ constitutional rights, and states that books of the Left Behind series are “fantasy revenge epics against blue state nonbelievers.”

Clearly her animus toward the “Christian Right” has caused her to drift even further away from reality.

“Instead of logically developed arguments supporting her positions and a factual account of her disagreement with me, Goldberg resorted to personal attacks and emotional excess,” said Dr. Crouse. “One has to wonder why the radical left gets so carried away when confronted with people who hold different views. As they lose their grip on power and lose contact with the American people, the left is getting more and more unhinged and irrational. Clearly, writers like Goldberg are moving to their own alternative reality where anyone who holds a different point of view is suspect.”

Sadly, an alternative reality is a long way from the real world. The solid facts are clear: Most American women believe that feminism has failed them. A CBS poll revealed that three out of four women describe the word “feminist” as an insult. Dr. Crouse points out that feminism has lost touch with mainstream women and has lost sight of those things that women care most about. In the end, said Dr. Crouse, “Feminism became the creed of the privileged elites and thus was less and less relevant to the wants and needs of the average woman.”

Stephanie Warner, a student at Grove City College, is an intern with CWA’s Ronald Reagan Memorial Internship Program.

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