Mawage – a Dweam within a Dweam

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Mawage – a Dweam within a Dweam.  That is a famous line from a movie that still has a cult following on some college campuses.  The new dreamy weddings taking place today are in the District of Columbia between “gay” partners.  As a married woman of 14 years, I wonder if they realize all the hard work that marriage really entails.  Marriage is not about a pretty wedding, although we Southern women consider that a birthright.   It’s also not just about a life partnership, although that’s a very important component.   It’s really a covenant between a man, a woman and God about a life-long commitment.  Marriage serves a very important benefit that can only be realized within the parameters of a man and wife and any children they may have.  The dictionary points out that:  In entering into a covenant, Jehovah was solemnly called on to witness the transaction […], and hence it was called a “covenant of the Lord” … The marriage compact is called “the covenant of God” […], because the marriage was made in God’s name.  (from Easton’s 1897 Bible Dictionary found at

 God Himself, as our Creator, gave us a beautiful gift – marriage – to provide for our spiritual, physical and emotional longing.  He uses marriage to undergird our entire culture and society by providing a lasting home with firm commitments to provide for the rising generation.  The exceptions serve to prove the rule even more firmly!  But, the grief that comes from defying God’s loving command is real as well.  You can read more about that in a piece published today by Dr. Janice Crouse, director and senior fellow of CWA’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, Five Myths about Same-Sex “Marriage”

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