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Women are weak. Women need help. Women need someone else to support them. Women are irresponsible. Women cannot make informed choices.

Without the government bailing them out or telling them what to do, women just wander hither and yon like helpless kittens.

What else are people to think when Democrats and Planned Parenthood representatives are in the media spouting claims that the government shutdown and Republican calls to delay or defund ObamaCare are proof positive there is a “war on women?”

After all, if the government cannot force other taxpayers to foot the bill for women’s birth control, who will? If you think the answer is the women themselves or the men with whom they are sleeping, you just outed yourself as a misogynist and should shut up. If you are a woman who thinks like that, you are a traitor to your sisters and should shut up.

It matters not to Democrats and Planned Parenthood that actual, real people are losing their health care and their jobs because of ObamaCare’s mandates, which include “free” birth control. By the way, some of those people are women, but that is not important, because they are just collateral damage in the fight for a woman’s right to have sex whenever and with whomever she wants and not worry about being “punished with a baby.”

Here are some examples of Americans losing their jobs or health care because the Democrats alone forced ObamaCare on America. Those promoting ObamaCare’s “preventive health care for women” mandate might as well say what they really support: birth control for me; job and benefit loss for thee.

110,000 IBM retirees will lose their health care benefit and be forced into ObamaCare. (For those following along, this means if the IBM retirees liked their health care, they cannot keep it; if they liked their doctors, they may not be able to keep them. President Obama insisted this type of action would not happen, but he either did not understand his own signature legislation or he lied.) The world-renowned Cleveland Clinic in Ohio will be cutting jobs due to the increased costs of ObamaCare. 1,000 employees at Stryker Corporation lost their jobs earlier this year because ObamaCare’s medical device tax negatively impacted the company. Businesses, schools, and state and local governments are cutting hours for workers to bring them under the 30-hour per week ObamaCare rule that says if an employee works 30 hours or more a week, the employer must offer health insurance.

Is Planned Parenthood cutting jobs? There have been no announcements about that, but considering they receive more than half-a-billion dollars a year in government money and are now receiving even more federal dollars to be “ObamaCare navigators,” which means they are shills pushing this monstrosity of a law so they will benefit from it, it is one “non-profit” organization that will profit rather than suffer under ObamaCare.

Democrats, who are screaming “war on women” had President Obama carve out a nice exemption for them (which is not constitutional, but at this point what difference does it make, right?) from the increasing costs of health care under ObamaCare. Members of Congress and Capitol Hill staffers will not have to pay higher costs for health care; they will receive taxpayer subsidies to pay their premiums, meaning the people who voted for ObamaCare because it was such a panacea will pay less because they whined about how ObamaCare mandates were increasing their health care costs.

Every other taxpayer being forced to buy health insurance now will receive no such special treatment. In fact, people buying insurance through ObamaCare exchanges will more than likely pay more because their deductibles are going to be higher.

When ObamaCare supporters tout the preventive health care services now mandated, especially for women, they fail to mention that somewhere along the line you are, in fact, going to pay for those, whether you use them or not. The charge will not be the day you receive those services, but they will be paid for with a higher deductible, higher premiums, and higher co-pay amounts. They might be paid for by the exclusion of another health service you actually use.

Your higher premiums, deductibles, and co-pays are subsidizing birth control for the women Planned Parenthood and Democrats say deserve it, and it is really mean of you to say they don’t. So don’t be a war-on-women monger, pay more for health care — a woman’s sex life depends on it.