Legislative Update for March 16, 2012

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With the House out of session this week, CWAs focus has been geared toward the Senate and with good reason. Monday, Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nevada) filed cloture on 17 judicial nominations. In a pathetic attempt to ram these nominations through the chamber without considering the normal judicial nomination process, Reid has again shown that this is merely a game in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

On Wednesday, Reid withdrew cloture on the nomination and agreed on a schedule for consideration of 12 of the 17 judges.Although these nominations did not come to the floor this week, they will in the weeks to come, and the deal that was struck is no bargain at all. It is, in fact, only a return to the regular order of judicial nominations, which consists of calling up judges one at a time for consideration and then establishing a vote. Click here to read more on these judicial nominations from CWAs legal studies department.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-New York) brought up CWAs continuous fight against Violence Against Women (VAWA). He stated that Republican senators are waging a war against women for bring to light many of the same concerns CWA has with VAWA. Schumer is pushing to bring VAWA to the floor next week.

Also, everyone will be focusing on ObamaCare. With the second anniversary right around the corner, now is the time to drive the point home that this is a continuously destructive law that needs to be repealed. Please stay tuned to CWA for more information.