Legislative Update for February 8, 2013

By February 8, 2013Legislative Updates
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The House and Senate were both in session this week, but their legislative sessions were cut short by policy planning retreats.


The House is focused on trying to get our country back on a sound fiscal track.Again this year, they plan to produce a budget that will balance within ten years.

Last year, the liberals condemned Rep. Paul Ryan’s (R-Wisconsin) budget plan for its so-called draconian spending cuts, even though President Obama’s bloated budget that never balanced failed to garner a single Democrat vote.

The Democrats’ unwillingness to take our fiscal crisis to heart is clearly evidenced by the Senate’s failure to submit a budget for the past four years and President Obama’s late budget submissions the last four out of five years.

On Wednesday, by a vote of 253-167, the House passed the “Require a PLAN Act,” offered by Rep. Tom Price (R-Georgia), which would compel the president, if his budget does not balance, to identify when his budget will balance.


Nomination: The Senate Armed Services Committee was set to bring former-Sen. Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense up for a vote this week. Instead, the committee’s review of the nomination was said to be incomplete which may have something to do with Hagel’s poor performance during his hearing or his financial information which was requested and has yet to be delivered to the committee.

Either way, we are pleased that this nomination has been postponed.

Click here to read CWALAC’s latest statement on the nominee.

Take Action Now: We are seeing more senators come out in opposition to Hagel thanks to your continued advocacy! Keep up the good work, and please keep urging your senators to oppose Hagel’s nomination. Click here to find your senators.

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA): On Monday the Senate voted (85-8) on the motion to procede to the VAWA reauthorization bill, S. 47. Click here to see the roll call vote.

Monday the Senate is expected to take up amendments and vote on final passage of Sen. Leahy’s (D-Vermont) version of the Violence Against Women Reauthorization.

Take Action Now: Call your senators and urge them to vote against S.47. Click here to find your senators.