Kinsey in Missouri

By September 27, 2004Missouri
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CWA of Missouri actively promotes RSVPAmerica in the “Show Me” state by going into churches and civic organizations with the RSVP presentation. “We want to debunk, discredit and then de-fund any Alfred Kinsey influences in all levels of our society,” stated CWA of Missouri Area Director and RSVP Coordinator Haven Howard.

“In order to restore our nation, we need help from each concerned citizen who will be willing to get informed and take a stand for righteousness in an unrighteous generation. Our children’s lives and future are at stake,” continued Howard.

Another way CWA of Missouri is working in the state is through the state legislature. RSVP presentations featuring RSVPAmerica Founder Eunice Ray and Dr. Linda Jeffrey, director of Research for the RSVPAmerica Campaign, educate representatives and senators on how Kinsey has affected and continues to affect Missouri laws, including the model penal code.

CWA of Missouri works with state legislators to pass good laws based on credible science that will restore protections for women, children, and the family.

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