Kinsey in Kansas

By September 27, 2004Kansas
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Kansas is the late-term abortion capital of the United States. Dr. Alfred Kinsey’s research was used in Kansas to bolster the argument that a woman’s “right to choose” trumped a child’s right to life at any time in the pregnancy. Consequently, Kansas abortionist George Tiller performs third-trimester abortions, including partial birth, on women from all over the United States and even other countries. Dr. Kinsey’s research was used to convince legislators that abortion was a “right” and that children could benefit from sex education-using Dr. Kinsey’s research, of course.

The model penal code, influenced by Kinsey’s, was supposed to codify, simplify and bring sensibility to laws concerning sexuality. Instead, Kansas law is now complex with more plea bargaining and less opportunity for jury trials, leaving women and children at greater risk. CWA of Kansas has researched sexual predators in Kansas and has found that many of them do not stay incarcerated long enough to be evaluated for a predator program. Those who are caught have an extremely high rate of recidivism, resulting in more and more sexual crimes against women and children.

Dr. Kinsey believed that “children are sexual from birth” and can give consent to sexual encounters with adults, so in his view the only predator was one who used physical violence. CWA of Kansas continues to educate state legislators on the fraudulence of Kinsey’s science in order to protect women and children.

Through the RSVPAmerica Campaign, CWA of Kansas works diligently to restore the state to a more sane approach toward matters dealing with human sexuality. “Abstinence until marriage is the only way to keep our teens free from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. We believe that laws protecting women and children should be strengthened, not reduced, and we believe that Dr. Kinsey should be exposed for what he was: a scientist who perverted science to promote his own twisted ideology,” stated CWA of Kansas state director Judy Smith.

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