Kim Gandy is New President of NOW; The ‘Anything Goes’ Satcher Sex Report

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Kim A. Gandy has just been elected to be the new president of the National Organization for Women (NOW); she will take office beginning August 2001. Gandy replaces Patricia Ireland, whose non-extendable term has ended. Gandy has served NOW since 1973 in local, state and national positions, most recently as NOW’s executive vice president. Gandy has been a life-long “women’s rights” activist focusing specifically on political action, legislation, and community organizations. Gandy, an attorney who is married with two daughters, brings a quite different identity to NOW compared to that of Ireland. “If anyone can resurrect the moribund feminist movement, Kim can,” writes Dr. Janice Crouse. “She has the credentials, experience and strategic vision to be a strong leader. Also, her more mainstream image will appeal to those who recoiled at Patricia Ireland’s bisexual lifestyle and shrill manner.” However, Crouse goes on to warn, “But those of us who cherish America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and believe in biblical values should make no mistake, the messenger may seem more traditional, but the message is the same and the goals of NOW remain unchanged.” Crouse predicts, “Her goal will be to indoctrinate a whole new generation of ‘mainstream’ feminists to re-build the movement at the local level. Appealing to the grassroots will be her greatest challenge and she will attack it with resolution. She has the tools to work the political system with savvy and determination. Conservatives must be prepared to respond vigorously to the more subtle threat that her leadership will pose. Her focus will be legislative action and judicial appointments that will protect abortion and homosexuality.”

The ‘Anything Goes’ Satcher Sex Report
Surgeon General David Satcher recently released a long-delayed sixteen page report, A Call to Action to Promote Sexual Health and Responsible Sexual Behavior. The Clinton Administration delayed releasing the report during the election of 2000. A reluctant Bush Administration released the report without endorsing its content.

The Satcher report, authored by Dr. Eli Coleman, a psychologist and sexologist who specializes in researching homosexuality, transgenderism, and bisexuality, has been described as an “anything goes” approach to sexual behavior and sexual health.

Sexual Orientation: In spite of evidence and solid research to the contrary, the report pronounces sexual orientation as inherited and unchangeable. Sexual orientation as a choice is promoted and assumed scientifically valid.

Abortion: The report declares that technology has made abortion safe and mendaciously claims that there are too few scientific studies to prove that programs promoting abstinence are effective. Despite its dismal 30 years of failure to stem the rising tide of out-of-wedlock childbearing, abortion is recommended on the specious grounds that “all pregnancies should be welcome ones.”

Sex Education: In a blatant contradiction of experience and common sense, the report asserts that sex education has not played a role in increasing sexual activity, but rather delays some and facilitates “safe sex” for the children already planning on having sex. While Satcher acknowledges parents as a preferred source of sex education for their children, he states that parents are often not informed enough to educate their own children on sex. Sex education is advised to be comprehensive, beginning earlier and spanning all of life. Access to “sexual and reproductive health care” material is recommended for community and school situations.

Diversity: Dr. Satcher’s report constitutes a subversion of Judeo-Christian ethics in its declaration of a need for discovering “common ground” respecting “diversity of sexual values within any community.” He declares that the community is responsible for determining sexual behavior, practice and enforcement. There is a call for tolerance for sexual diversity within the community and a call for the community to facilitate choice regarding sexuality.

The “call to action” is outlined in three ways-

  1. Increase Public Awareness by promoting tolerance of all sexual orientation, providing open access to sexual information and services directly targeting youth.
  2. Provide Health and Social Intervention by targeting poor areas, improving access to “health and reproductive services,” and training health care professionals about educating children about sex.
  3. Invest in Research, particularly regarding the development of sexual orientation, sexual and reproductive health, and expansion of research on the sexuality of all people at all stages of life.

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