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We have so much for which we can be thankful!

Thanks to the recent, historic Supreme Court victory, the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, and the Hahn family, owners of Conestoga Woods, can continue to run their businesses according to their deeply-held religious beliefs.

Because of our efforts with a wide coalition of groups, Meriam Ibrahim, our Sudanese sister in Christ who was in chains because of her faith, should be reunited soon with her husband in the U.S. where she can be safe.

These are significant victories, but we know that much more needs to be done to preserve religious liberty.

God has promised, “[W]here two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them;” and we are answering God’s call with a Summer of Liberty! We need your help to set up prayer vigils for liberty all across our nation this summer.

The Situation

•  In Oregon, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a Christian bakery shut down after facing escalating attacks from homosexual activists.

•  In New Mexico, Elaine Photography is no longer allowed to be a photographer in the state without violating her religious beliefs and promoting homosexual weddings.

•  In Washington, Arlene’s Flowers is being sued for refusing to provide flowers for a same-sex “marriage” ceremony.

•  Boko Haram, an extremely dangerous Islamist group, has still not returned the over 200 Christian Nigerian girls they abducted from school.

•  Pastor Saeed Abedeeni is an Iranian American Christian pastor imprisoned in Iran since 2012 because the country views his Christian activities as a threat.

Will you join our challenge to pray and act? Gather like-minded individuals to pray for persecuted Christians and for the U.S. to protect people of faith around the world.

How to Plan a Prayer Vigil/Rally

1. Select a Date: Choose a date that works for you between now and the beginning of the school year.

2. Select a Location: Designate a meeting place – the county courthouse, city hall, VFW, your local Hobby Lobby store or church. A place where people are already going to be meeting would work great i.e. immediately before or after church.

3. Alert Local Media: You’re going to want to call your local newspapers and let them know your plans to hold a prayer vigil for religious liberty in the states and abroad.

1. Google your local Newspaper contact phone number

•  Call and ask for the news desk: “Hi, may I speak with the assignment desk?”

•  Speak with a person in an attempt to get the best e-mail address to forward along a local event happening in the upcoming week. “Hi, I’m calling with Concerned Women for America of State. We’re going to be hosting a prayer vigil outside of the VFW on July 23rd at noon. Is there someone to whom I could send the details? We’d love to invite WXYZ to join us as it will be a mix of people from various backgrounds coming together to pray for domestic and international cases of religious persecution.”

•  E-mail all details of event to the person and let them know that you (State Director, YWA President, Chapter Leader, etc.) will make sure they are able to get the footage they need and do an interview if requested.

•  Provide a contact phone number at which they can reach you on the day of the event.

•  Call the day of the event to remind the paper/TV station of your event.

4. Promote Your Event:

•  Create flyers to post at your church, local grocery store, hair salon, and anywhere you think interested people could see it. Highly suggested to provide a phone number or contact e-mail to reach for more details.

•  Create a Facebook event and invite all of your friends. Be sure to include time, place, location, and the purpose of gathering.

•  Personally invite your closest friends and ask them to join you in promoting the event!

5. Day of:

•  Call local papers, radio, and TV to remind them about event.

•  Designate a photographer to be taking pictures of the event. This can be done using a camera phone. Post these pictures on Facebook and be sure to send them to Concerned Women for America Communications Director, Alison Howard, via

What to Pray for

•  We are continuing to pray for the safety of Meriam Ibrahim and her family. Pray for our President to direct the State Department and Department of Homeland Security to expedite all methods for offering Meriam safe passage to the U.S.

•  We pray for the Nigerian school girls abducted at the hands of Boko Haram. We pray for their safety and their safe return. We pray for their families that they remain safe and strong.

•  We pray for Pastor Saeed Abedeeni. We pray for his safety while imprisoned and for his safe return to the United States. We pray for his wife and children to remain strong in this time and continue to share their testimony.

•  We pray for all business owners in this country that they would continue to be able to operate according to their beliefs. Pray that this country would continue to value freedom over free things – free conscience over so called free contraception and abortion.