It’s Time for Kevin Jennings to Go!

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kevjen.jpgKevin Jennings, President Obama’s “safe schools czar,” has been in the headlines recently because of his association with a conference where 14-year-old children were taught the fine points of “spitting vs. swallowing” and were offered “fisting” kits. Ironically, there has been little outrage.

Let’s go over the specifics: the man charged with making America’s public schools “safe” comes from a career of promoting dangerously violent homosexual activities among children in public schools? The “safe schools czar” is a man whose major concern is providing condoms to students when they engage in risky behavior with an adult? The “safe schools czar”– the person overseeing safety in the nation’s public schools — is a person whose raison d’re is to promote homosexuality among children and teens?

There is something so fundamentally wrong with the President’s appointment that parents and all adults who care about children’s well-being must demand that Kevin Jennings be fired immediately.

I know Kevin Jennings, and I like him as a person. He is friendly and charming (which makes him doubly effective and dangerous!); he is also single-minded and totally driven to fulfill his mission of making schools and society “safe” for “gay” children and teens — which means no bullying or joking, which reasonable people reject, but also — and primarily — widespread cultural acceptance of, and even promotion of, homosexual activities among children and teens.

I know all this about Kevin because several years ago I served for two years on a task force organized by former Surgeon General David Satcher, who brought together a broad spectrum of left-right activists and scholars charged with the responsibility of finding “common ground” for “responsible sexual behavior.” After two years, I dropped out because it was evident that there was no way the left was willing to seek “common ground”; they would settle for nothing less than total capitulation to their positions on the issues.

I presented a pyramid for teaching children about sex. As presented at the time, the elements of pyramid were left for each group to define – no specific content was required or designated for the five steps in the pyramid. The “common ground” would be that we would agree to the five elements being in a hierarchy and that all groups would teach that relationships start with shared values and move up the hierarchy to the other elements. Dr. Satcher called it “brilliant,” and the group seemed to rally behind the proposal until the next meeting when there was organized opposition. Representatives from Planned Parenthood, GLSEN [The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network], NARAL and other leftist groups complained that the hierarchy was based on “values,” which indicated that values were the most important part of the teaching process, and they worried about “whose values” would prevail.

Kevin’s charm tends to obscure his total and overwhelming commitment and dedication to mainstreaming homosexual behavior, especially among students. Before his political appointment, Kevin headed GLSEN. A quick overview of the GLSEN website will give readers a good idea of the priorities of Kevin’s organization. But spending a few minutes listening to a tape of a session at a seminar for kids is even more important in getting an idea about the kind of activities that are on the agenda to promote “safe” schools. Reading about the kind of “sex education seminars” that are offered is also important — these sessions go far beyond the human biology to delve into discussions that are blatantly teaching our children the specifics of aberrant sexual behavior.

None of this information is palatable for anyone who cares about children’s well-being. How can the media continue to ignore such information about the person heading up the nation’s “safe schools” initiatives? It is obvious that GLSEN provided materials designed to teach children how to engage in dangerously violent homosexual activities. Yet, the head of that organization was chosen to design materials for public schools and represent the federal government at the local school level?

Will we stand silently by while political appointees like Kevin implement a militant homosexual agenda to indoctrinate America’s children and teens?