If Obama Wins the Battle, Will He Lose the War?

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One of life’s most important lessons is to keep your eyes on the right goal — that by trying to win some smaller prize, you can lose a larger one. After “winning” a Nobel Prize, our president might be tempted to think that he can do anything. Somebody needs to remind President Obama of the realities of representative Democracy. Right now, he seems determined to jam through ObamaCare regardless of the cost to his political party and regardless of public opposition that is currently strongly against ObamaCare. Among independents, opposition is edging toward 60 percent. Among seniors, it has topped 60 percent.

The opposition to trillion-dollar deficits follows a similar pattern and the favorability ratings of the president, though leveled off, have dropped 20 percentage points since the early days of his presidency to where only half of likely voters approve of the president’s performance. Complaints about the cost of ObamaCare are growing-most notably among seniors who clearly recognize that the billions in “savings” that he plans to squeeze out Medicare are going to reduce the care they receive. The mainstream press is under increasing attacks (and will eventually pay dearly) for downplaying these facts and skipping over statements like liberal Democrat and former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle’s that “Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them” or even worse the claim of liberal Democrat former Colorado Governor Dick Lamm that seniors have “a duty to die”

As more details about specific costs, the long-range timetable and inevitable rationing are revealed, the public is growing more skeptical and the president more determined.

Inevitably, such opposition and the president’s intractability will impact the 2010 Congressional elections, with the very real possibility that it may cost the Democrats their majority in the House and maybe in the Senate. But, apparently, for this arrogant president, none of that matters. His presidency is all that counts. Getting what he wants done is the only priority.

The dollar continues to decline in value — dropping this week to the lowest level in over a year, yet the president continues to promote a health care reform plan that many economists say is destined to bankrupt the nation. Congressional analysts for the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced this week that the federal budget deficit has already tripled to a record $1.4 trillion for this fiscal year. They have estimated that the president’s health care reform package would cost $900 billion over the next decade. Keep in mind that the previous record deficit was just last year and it was a “mere” $459 billion. The costs of the economic stimulus bill are so large they are beyond the ability of most of us to imagine, let along comprehend. No amount of Bush blame is going to cover these facts. As the saying goes, “We’re talking big money here.”

Analyst are troubled about the impact of such deficits on foreigners who have, up-to-now, been willing investors in the U.S. They also worry about the impact on interest rates and what those increases would do for investors here at home. What is clear is that we are in the worst financial situation that the U.S. has seen since World War II and huge tax increases are inevitable at a time when unemployment, despite the avalanche of government spending, is rising month-by-month and cost-of-living increases in income are becoming history. Further, and even worse, we are building up a mountain of debt that we will dump onto our children and grandchildren, burying any hope that they have for a bright financial future.

The Financial Times, quoting Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-Minnesota), reported this week that more and more Americans are feeling a “sense of unease” over “the level of debt accumulation” that they view as “unconstitutional and un-American.” Mrs. Bachmann is among those who are “beginning to realize that Obama is a socialist.”

Reports from Capitol Hill indicate that a vote on the nearly $1 trillion ObamaCare is planned for Tuesday, October 13th. Rhetoric denouncing GOP objections to the bill has escalated with harsh partisan attacks from Democratic Hill leaders who accuse the Republicans of obstructionism and partisanship. Republicans respond with the facts that the proposed health care reform bill would necessitate tax increases, ensure cuts in Medicare, and require rationing for seniors.

Come what may, those supporting ObamaCare seem determined to ignore the will of the people, restrict the health care choices of Americans and expand the government’s reach into our personal choices beyond all reasonable limits.

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