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With winds once at 160 mph, she’s caused thousands to bolt to attention, wary of her enormous strength. Her name is Isabel and she’s a raging, screaming feminist to the core.

A storm with a terrible vengeance, she is a whirling mass of wind and water that will leave nothing but death and destruction in its path. She commands media attention and causes people to board up their homes and move inland until she’s gone, rather than face her head-on. She’s forced governors to declare states of emergency, Navy ships to head out to sea and military aircraft to move further inland.

She is a force to be reckoned with, cutting a swath that will cost thousands, if not millions of dollars in damages. Seething with resentment and anger, she will not be placated until the landscape is changed to her liking.

She dangles key Democrats as puppets, wielding their power to cut off the president’s judicial nominees, all because these judges do not bow to her whims. She howls her protests at the war in Iraq, even though the brave military campaign has liberated hundreds of women from brutal rape and death.

She calls the barbaric practice of partial birth abortion a “safe medical procedure” and she mocks abstinence, not because of its proven effectiveness in saving young people from STDs, abortion and teen pregnancies, but because it threatens her multi-million dollar, tax-payer funded family planning empire.

She pushes the Navy further out to sea and the military further inland, forcing them to dumb down their training standards for women, all because she wants to be in the trenches or on equal ground with men.

She shrieks at the idea of poor mothers marrying the fathers of their children, even though it could very well lift them out of poverty. Self-absorbed in her disastrous deadly spiral, she thinks only of her ties to their swollen tide of welfare dollars.

She is a tempest, angry and sullen, destroying lives, all in the name of “reproductive freedom.” She will be heard. She will be taken seriously, because like the gale-force winds of Isabel, she rages on, daring any man to tame her, believing none can. Her tongue is acrid and her fury lethal. Years after she is gone, she will be remembered for the damage she caused, the destruction she rained down, the peace she destroyed, and the price the public paid for her disastrous sweep across the landscape of our culture.

She speaks of “rights,” but she is rebellion, plain and simple.

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