Five Things the Values Voters Should Watch

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There are five basic reasons that today’s election is so pivotal for the future of the nation.

(1) Marriage Amendments

With New Jersey’s Supreme Court October Surprise [extending by fiat all rights to same-sex couples] the issue of marriage was catapulted to the forefront of concerns during the mid-term elections of 2006. Twenty states have already voted marriage amendments into state law and during today’s election 8 other states will be determining whether “gay marriage” will be accepted as natural and normal in those states. [Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, South Caroline, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin.]

(2) South Dakota’s Referred Law #6 – Vote Yes

Voters in South Dakota should be voting “Yes” on Referred Law #6 – legislation that will protect unborn babies as well as women’s health. No more important initiative on abortion has come before the public in the past 30 years (since Roe v Wade). This election will be historic for this specific issue, if for nothing else. The bill provides for exceptions (in contrast to widespread misinformation), but it makes clear that abortion has lasting, devastating impact on women. This finding is supported by solid research from the South Dakota Task Force to Study Abortion which combed through and analyzed 3,500 pages of scientific research, gathered affidavits from 2,000 women who have undergone abortions and took statements from 54 experts who unanimously agreed about the detrimental effects of abortion on women.

(3) Missouri’s Proposition 2 – Vote No

This proposition is deception at its worst! It is a Trojan Horse Bill that hides its true purpose and horrific details in hundreds of pages of obscure prose. The multi-million dollar public relations campaign for the proposition was funded primarily by a family who has conflicting financial interests in the proposition. Based on lies and distortions, the bill merges cloning and embryonic stem cell research. It states emphatically that it bans cloning, but the fine print says otherwise. The bill’s provisions make it acceptable to “farm” a woman’s eggs — an effort that preys on poor and vulnerable women, subjecting them to super-ovulation procedures that are damaging to their health and well-being. If this proposition passes, it will be a sad day for America and a horrible day for women.

(4) Oregon and California’s Parental Notification Propositions – Vote Yes

Both Oregon and California have propositions on their ballots, asking the public whether parents of minors should be notified when their underage daughters seek an abortion. Already half of the nation’s states have such laws; now these two states want to establish the principle that parents should know what their children are doing. Parents are irate that their child cannot take an aspirin at school, nor can their daughters have their ears pierced, without their parents’ approval. Yet, so-called “progressives” are pushing the idea that girls ought to be able to get an abortion without their parents even knowing about it.

(5) Conservatives v. Liberals in the race for House and Senate Seats

The mainstream media has tried to convince the America public that a take-over by the left is a “done deal” in both houses of Congress. For months, polls have predicted disaster for conservatives at the election booths. Ironically, in the last few days, they have protected themselves by saying that the races are tightening. Now, very respected analysts are saying that some races are too close to call. I’ll go out on a limb and predict that conservatives will lose no more than 2 Senate seats and probably no more than 1 seat in the House. The fact of the matter is that Values Voters care deeply about the outcome of the election and they know what will happen if the left controls the Hill. They will turn out in greater numbers than those who are disgruntled about everything.

There is a lot at stake in this election and voter turnout will be key to the outcome. Regardless, there are some seats that will be good predictors regarding the final results. Four states –Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Virginia — will be bellwether states. In those states, if Republicans lose, it could indicate serious trouble for conservatives in the rest of the nation. In fact, one pollster says Freshman Representative Michael E. Sodrel (Indiana) is the person to watch because he is a freshman facing tough competition. Whether he wins or loses could predict other winners and losers. Those outcomes will also likely predict the verdict on the referendums, propositions and amendments as well.

Janice Shaw Crouse, former presidential speechwriter and currently a political analyst and commentator, serves as Senior Fellow of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute.

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