Family Expert Concerned Over Census Figures, Images of Family Life

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An author and speaker with a reputation for being a rational voice for families amidst the debate surrounding feminist ideologies is deeply concerned over the false images being portrayed to today’s youth.

The latest census figures indicate that only 23.5% of children in the U.S. live with both of their biological parents. Dr. Janice Crouse of the LaHaye Institute is worried by that finding.

“This is where values are inculcated in children, where children are nurtured to be citizens where they learn how to be upstanding people of character and integrity,” Crouse says, “and once we do away with that essential element of our culture, I worry about the future and about the future of our nation.”

Crouse says the American culture has embraced the image of the family as defined by television shows such as Murphy Brown, Friends, and Sex and the City. She worries that young Americans are beginning to believe in an image of life that just does not exist-an image portrayed by the Murphy Brown television series. Crouse says that image is destroying the traditional family.

“I think our culture has embraced that image and said this is something that’s desirable,” she says. “We have spun off of that to the Friends show on television and to Sex and the City and all sorts of distortions of the Murphy Brown [image]. But the reality is very different from that.”

Crouse says the single mother struggling to find a normal life is very different than the polished image the media feeds American youth on the television. She wants to see a reconnection with the idea that children who live in the home with both of their biological parents will be better equipped to face the problems of life.

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