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By October 31, 2002Kansas
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January, 2011 issues:

Planned Parenthood Funding

December, 2010 issues:

Saving Money Through Abortion

October, 2010 issues:

We’ve Come a Long Way, Baby!

September, 2010 issues:

Empowerment or Exploitation

August, 2010 issues:

Banning Something that Doesn’t ExistMarriage Mugged by the Court

July, 2010 issues:

Federally Funded Abortions via the Back Door

June, 2010 issues:

Lost in the “Doughnut Hole”Just Take a Pill

May, 2010 issues:

Social Experiments in the Military: A Good Idea?CEDAW Lobbying Day set for May 26

April, 2010 issues:

“Women’s Equality” and Mother’s Day Incompatible?Time is Running Short for the KS Legislature

March, 2010 issues:

Are There Societal Costs to Porn?Are Strip Clubs and “Adult Entertainment” Good for Society?

February, 2010 issues:

Abortion Breast Cancer Link UpdateSocial Experiments in the Military

January, 2010 issues:

Constitutional Questions about HealthCare Reform

November, 2009 issues:

Let the Debate Begin

October, 2009 issues:

From Liberty to Bondage (Part 1)From Liberty to Bondage (Part 2)From Liberty to Bondage (Part 3)

September, 2009 issues:

Employment Non-Descrimination Act (Part 1)Employment Non-Descrimination Act (Part 2)

August, 2009 issues:

To Fund or Not to Fund AbortionNEA: Education or Indoctrination?

July, 2009 issues:

A “Rube Goldberg” View of Health Care ReformDo We Want Healthcare in the Hands of Utilitarians?

June, 2009 issues:

Human Rights: Planned Parenthood StyleWhen Your Thoughts Become a Crime

May, 2009 issues:

Planned Parenthood: “Business” Ad Usual

April, 2009 issues:

Fewer and Better ChildrenMargaret Sanger’s Vision

March, 2009 issues:

Too Yount to Vote But … (Plan B availability)Worldviews DO Matter

February, 2009 issues:

What is “Sexual Orientation” and “Gender Identity?”Right of Conscience Under Assault

January, 2009 issues:

Are Ethics Obsolete in Modern Society?What is a “Good Death”?

December, 2008 issues:

The “Equal Rights” AmendmentThe Right of Conscience Eroding?

November, 2008 issues:

Will Justice be Served in Kansas?

October, 2008 issues:

The Debate Continues (HPV Vaccine)Freedom of Choice: Freedom for Whom?Child’s Play Becomes Sex Play

September, 2008 issues:

“Relief” and Post-Abortive Women 36KBWhose Life do We Protect 33KB

August, 2008 issues:

When the Facts Don’t Make a Difference 31KB

June, 2008 issues:

Bleeding Kansas – Part 1 of 3 36KBThe Death Watch – Part 2 of 3 37KBIs it Time for “Last Rites?” – Part 3 or 3 39KB

May, 2008 issue:

Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report Reveals Agenda 35KB

April, 2008 issue:

No Place Left to Hide 31KB

March, 2008 issues:

Planned Parenthood – Part 1 31KBPlanned Parenthood – Part 2 31KBPlanned Parenthood – Part 3 30KB

February, 2008 issues:

A Saga of Obfuscation – Part 1 33KBA Saga of Obfuscation – Part 2 43KBA Saga of Obfuscation – Part 3 38KB

January, 2008 issues:

Equal Rights for Women 35KBERA: The Abortion Connection 36KB

December, 2007 issues:

Teaching Kids How to Say “No” 35KBThe Sex Wars and Its Victims 36KBInduced Pluripotent Stem Cells 30KB

November, 2007 issues:

Trafficking in Humans 36KBAssessing the True Cost (LOST) 37KB

October, 2007 issues:

ENDA to be Voted on This Week 36KBHPV Vaccine Update 39KBCWA’s Project 535 61KB

September, 2007 issues:

ENDA Part 1 35KBENDA Part 2 36KBLIFE Coalition Petition 29KB

August, 2007 issues:

Hate Crimes 30KBCable Choice 30KBAbstinence Until Marriage 35KB

July, 2007 issues:

Happiness is not a Pill 32KBVisiting the Tiller “Bunker” 36KBChildren Without Health Insurance 29KB

June, 2007 issues:

Abortion and the Rule of Law 30KBFreedom of Choice and Pharmacists 30KBTiller and the “Mental Health” Exception 31KB

May, 2007 issues:

Kansas State Board of Education Ignores Parental Wishes 31KBHate Crime Rhetoric is Misleading 31KBSo-Called “Privacy” Trumps the Law 29KB

April, 2007 issues:

Lies Support Death; Truth Supports Life 37KBHate Redefined: What About the Law? 36KBWomen’s Rights v. Unborn Child’s Right to Life 31KB

March, 2007 issues:

Postmodernism: Our Churches and Our Culture 132KBMandatory STD Vaccinations 126KBFresh Eggs for Sale 121KB

February, 2007 issues:

CEDAW A Top Senate Goal 147KBUpdate on Tiller and Kline 131KBDefining the Terms of Cloning 125KB

January, 2007 issues:

Did the Material World Just Appear? 138KBThe “Cost” of Abortion 152KBCondoms Don’t Protect After All 134KB

December, 2006 issues:

What is a Human Life Worth? Marketing Body Parts 126KBPromises Made; Promises Kept 119KBAbortion: Kansas’ Protected Industry 129KB

November, 2006 issues:

A Drama Revisited: Partial Birth Abortion Ban Before Supreme Court 123KBA Woman’s Choice: A Child’s Pain 126KBWomen and Abortion: A Mixed Bag 130KB

October, 2006 issues:

The Health Burden of Promiscuous Sexual Behavior 120KBSIECUS and John Mark Karr 123KBSupremes Take Another Look at Partial Birth Abortion 135KB

September, 2006 issues:

When Cloning Isn’t Cloning But Really Is Cloning 123KBReading, Writing and Arithmatic Bite the Dust at the NEA 144KB

August, 2006 issues:

Modern Slavery is Escalating Worldwide – Sex Trafficking 119KBReal Choice Depends on Real Information – Crisis Pregnancy Centers 126KBThe Politics of “Protection” – Plan B 128KB

July, 2006 issues:

Politics and Worldviews 138KBWorldviews in Politics 125KBAbstinence Education Conference 101KB

June, 2006 issues:

Murdered Pregnant Teen Found 125KBIt Takes a Village – Mental Health Screening 138KBFederal Funding for Universal Mental Health Screening 136KB

May, 2006 issues:

Things I Learned about the Religious Right . . . 127KBFaulty Reasoning Confuses Legislators about Embryonic Stem-Cell Research 125KBPornography: From Brown Paper Bags to Telephones 127KB

April, 2006 issues:

My Journey into Worldview Thinking 120KBScience Attempts to Circumvent Objections to Embryonic Stem-Cell Research 108KBDaVinci Code Debunked 128KB

March, 2006 issues:

Modern Science’s Goal: To Negate the Nuremburg Tribunal? 128KBChimeras to Nanotechnology: Science Seeks to Improve Humans 127KBMan’s Quest for Immortality Has Risks 119KB

February, 2006 issues:

An Unplanned Pregnancy Fix Using RU-486 Can Cause Problems For Mom 131KBBlue Valley Parents Speak Out 124KBConsequences to Plan B Could be Disastrous 117KB

January, 2006 issues:

Modern Scopes Trial Redux 126KBNaturalism vs. God: Round 3 126KBPrayer: Our Secret Weapon 117KB

December, 2005 issues:

Choice on Earth 120KBA Choice for Some Women 147KBThe Battle Rages On: Evolution vs. ID 144KB

November, 2005 issues:

Kansas Supreme Court’s Idea of State Interest 167KBKansas Science Standards Promote Critical Thinking 122KBInvestigation in the Evolutionary Box 126KB

October, 2005 issues:

Thoughts on the TABOR Bus Tour 140KBDo Schools Want Parents Involved? 130KBEqual Rights for Gay Sex 162KB

September, 2005 issues:

Hope in Adult Stem-Cells 133KBStatus of Morning After Pill Irks Feminists 118KBOpt-in Sex Education 125KB

August, 2005 issues:

Subjective Values v. Truth in Stem-Cell Research 138KBWiggle Room for Science 130KBIf Science Can Do It They Should be Allowed to Do It 155KB

July, 2005 issues:

Pediatricians and NARAL Wrong on Abstinence 135KBSynopsis of Education Funding Crisis 137KB”Opt-In” Sex Education Policy 128KB

June, 2005 issues:

The Judiciary – What’s at Stake 124KBSchool Finance: Glossary of Terms 143KBKansas Science Standards Update 117KB

May, 2005 issues:

The Intolerance of the “Tolerant” 137KBKey Proposals to Change the Science Standard from the Minority Report 153KBShould Kansas Students be Taught the Whole Truth of Some Truth 150KB

April, 2005 issues:

Silence is not Golden; It is Dangerous to our Kids 151KBLies Wrapped Up in Beautiful Packages 141KB2005 Session: Mixed-bag of Successes and Delayed Gratification 131KB

March, 2005 issues:

Kansas Science Hearings 122KBMarriage Amendment 193KBAbolition of “Back-Alley” Abortions Appears to be Premature 131KB

February, 2005 issues:

Kansas State Board of Education Tackles Question of Origins 131KBPrivacy Trumps Safety for Under-Age Girls 133KBKansas Abortion Clinics’ Regulation Needs Reform 132KB

January, 2005 issues:

Historic Event at the Kansas State Board of Education 115KBSex Trafficking Comes to Kansas 143KBEmergency Contraception 130KB

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