Early Abortion Is Being Marketed as “Pregnancy Prevention”

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December 11, 2000

Supporters and Marketing strategists of the drug Preven, also known as the “morning after” pill, have been portraying a false definition of pregnancy to sell their product. An early abortion is simply being portrayed as “pregnancy prevention.” Jennifer Kessell of Roberts Pharmaceutical, a manufacturer of the “morning after” pill, stated that “Pregnancy begins when a woman is ‘comfortable’ with it beginning.” She has called usage of the drug “emergency contraception,” and says that “it depends on your own personal views and what you want to believe.” “Biologically, physically, genetically, embryologically, pregnancy begins at conception,” stated Maria Bizecki, with Concerned Pharmacists for Conscience. She said, “The public is being lied to about the way this works.” She emphasized that “Preven terminates a pregnancy in its very early stages.” This week the American Medical Association asked the government to consider making the drug available over-the-counter. Under current law the pill is only available by prescription-therefore, the AMA believes, unless the drug is more easily available, there will not be enough time to “prevent a pregnancy.” Senior vice president of Planned Parenthood, Joan Coombs, believes this decision is “wonderful” and “a terrific resolution.” Dr. Bob Hatcher, of Emory University Medical Center, says “All women should have an emergency contraceptive pill kit in their medicine chest, for themselves or for a friend.” Miss Coombs, of Planned Parenthood, said that over-the-counter availability “will make it more acceptable and consumers will demand it. Acceptance will be market-driven.” But Cathy Cleaver, speaking for the Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, is concerned these misleading claims may not allow those taking the drug to “realize that what they’re doing is aborting their developing baby.” Support for this pill “not only contributes to the destruction of human persons, but towards the sexual subjugation of women. The message the AMA is sending is that it’s okay for a woman, even a teenaged girl, to surrender herself as a sexual object, because there’s a pill she can take to destroy her baby,” said Judie Brown, president of the American Life League.

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