When our nation elected new, strong, conservative leadership, God opened doors for Concerned Women for America — and YOU — to stop Planned Parenthood and save innocent lives.

Because we’re the largest public policy women’s organization in the nation, I had the opportunity to meet with President Trump’s team about this very issue. I was extremely frank about our expectations, reminding them that the opportunity to effect change — and save innocent lives — is urgent.

It’s time to shift taxpayer funding away from Planned Parenthood’s abortion mills and to local federally qualified health centers that actually provide much-needed comprehensive health care for women.

Our conservative congressional leaders need strong vocal support to push this through to completion. CWA is fighting hard on Capitol Hill every day for the issues about which you care. Will you raise your voice with us today?

THANK YOU for signing this urgent petition, and donate today to show your commitment to fight for innocent life. By doing so, you’ll make a very real, tangible difference!

Your prayers are also critical. So please join me in prayer for this battle and for Biblical values to prevail in our nation.

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