CWA Opposes Birth Control Mandate on Moral, Practical, Ideological Grounds

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The Department of Health & Human Services announced today that under the new healthcare law, heath insurance plans are mandated to cover birth control for women with no copays. The mandate comes under the pretense that birth control is “preventative care.” Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, senior fellow at the Beverly LaHaye Institute at Concerned Women for America, said the following in response to the announcement:

“President Obama promised that his healthcare law would not fund abortions yet here we are today with his administration mandating coverage of birth control, including abortifacients like Ella and the morning after pill.

“Furthermore, there are clinics on nearly every corner of America’s cities where birth control is available at little to no cost, subsidized already by government programs. If women want birth control, they should pay for it themselves. Many Americans have moral objections to paying for contraceptives and they shouldn’t be forced to pay for something that violates their conscience.

“Ironically, this invasion of personal privacy and movement of the government into the public’s bedrooms is being pushed by the very people who yell the loudest about getting government out of people’s bedrooms when the talk is about abstinence education. Yet, federally-funded birth control is a ‘foot in the door’ for government control of the most private areas of our lives.”