Crouse sees Trouble for Obama’s Agenda … and his Future

By January 22, 2010Press Releases
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Washington, D.C. Everybody is asking whether Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts will be a short-lived phenomenon or a major revolution? Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Executive Director and Senior Fellow of Concerned Women for America’s Beverly LaHaye Institute, said, “Clearly, Democrats should be worried – attractive candidates with appealing narratives and authentic messages are winning even in the most unlikely of circumstances. Combined with the GOP victories in Virginia and New Jersey, it is easy to argue that Americans see through the far left policies advocated by Obama, Reid, and Pelosi, and they soundly reject them. They are signaling: no more tax and spend; no more ObamaCare; no more billion dollar deficit increases; and don’t even think about taxpayer funded abortions.”

Crouse continued, “While the Democrats are “talking the talk” and passing out a billion here and billion there like it is paper money, the public is forced to live the “walking the walk” part – seeing real dollars thrown away and crushing deficits piling up.”

Crouse also noted, “The President argued that we are not a Christian nation, yet certain common political behaviors – condescension toward the electorate, being a hypocrite, lying, stealing, unjustly attacking others -are still considered morally reprehensible. Even the President’s most ardent fans are dismayed at the number of Obama’s questionable, far left and corrupt political appointees. The question is whether President Obama understands that ramming through his unpopular socialist agenda, judges, and political appointees undermines his own future – as well as that of this nation?

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