Concerned Women for America

Concerns and Goals


We are concerned about:
We are working to see:
1. The protection of innocent human life — including protecting the
unborn from abortion, fetal tissue experimentation, and embryonic
research; and society from euthanasia, cloning, population control
and human genetic engineering.
1. Laws passed to protect our society from practices and
policies that endanger or debase innocent human life.
2. The physical, emotional and spiritual harm to women, men and their families resulting from abortion. 2. Public awareness of the harm of abortion to women, men and their families; and the promotion of pregnancy care centers and post-abortion counseling services.
3. The devaluing of all human life; a man cannot love God and hate his brother. 3. Society/culture following the Biblical standard of loving your neighbor as yourself.
4. The trend of government to diminish and disregard the God-given inalienable rights of individuals.
4. Our government strengthen and renew its commitment to respect and protect each individual’s exercise of his God-given inalienable rights.
5. The erosion of religious liberty and the legal and cultural imposition of anti-Judeo-Christian philosophies upon our society. We include the left’s agenda requiring taxpayer-funding of contraception and abortion which forces many American citizens, businesses and organizations to violate their deeply-held religious convictions. 5. The protection and preservation of religious liberty as provided in the United States Constitution.
6. The disrespect for family and for the unique contribution of fathers and mothers. The attempt to eliminate natural distinctions between men and women.
6. The family esteemed as the bedrock institution of society consisting of individuals related by blood, marriage (the legal union of one man and one woman), birth, or adoption. The respect for the distinctiveness of men and women.
7. Sexual promiscuity, cohabitation and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS. 7. Society value and respect marriage, encourage sexual abstinence before marriage and educate on the dangers of promiscuous sexuality; HIV/AIDS treated as a public health epidemic and not as a civil rights issue.
8. The alarming increase in violence in American households, including same-sex and opposite-sex partner assaults, spousal assaults, and child and elder abuse. 8. An end to violence within households, especially the sexual abuse of children, while reinforcing the importance and autonomy of healthy families.
9. The prevalence of drug and substance abuse in our country and the move towards normalization/legalization of drugs. 9. An end to drug and substance abuse and its normalization and legalization.
10. The detrimental effects of gambling on the family. 10. The elimination of gambling in all its forms.
11. The ever-increasing prevalence of pornography, prostitution and sex slavery and the ways that those forms of commercial sexual exploitation feed off of each other to form a multi-billion dollar industry that exploits thousands of girls and women in this country and millions around the world.
11. An increased awareness that the demand for pornography and prostitutes drives both the pornography and sex trafficking industries; to educate the public about the harms to children, women and men from pornography and prostitution and the prevalence of sex slavery even here in the United States.
12. The morally deteriorating influence of the entertainment industry and leftist opinion leaders who have created a cultural climate detrimental to children and women’s well-being. At one end of the continuum is a demise of romance and dating, in the middle is a dramatic increase in violence, exploitation, and assaults, and at the other end is sex slavery in the forms of prostitution and sex trafficking. 12. Continued advocacy for higher moral standards in the American entertainment industry. Young women educated about their vulnerabilities as well as their potential for influence on cultural mores. Efforts made at the forefront of anti-trafficking efforts to establish sound policies that will “end demand” and protect vulnerable girls and women.
13. The lack of enforcement of existing laws, the lack of cooperation from agencies and law enforcement that should be protecting vulnerable girls and women. 13. Continued lobbying for legislation without loopholes in order to increase prosecutions against exploiters and mandate consistent strict enforcement of laws regarding pornography, prostitution and sexual slavery.
14. The declining quality of education, the deterioration of parental rights and authority, the increasing emphasis on Godless philosophies, and, in particular, the unbalanced presentation of America’s founding, of evolution and of sex education.
14. The quality of education restored to a level of excellence in academic achievement without governmental mandates that are detrimental to parental rights.
15. Children who must attend failing schools or schools that denigrate their beliefs and values. 15. School choice options available to parents that will benefit all children.
16. The loss of national sovereignty to international organizations and other foreign powers through judicial and administrative decisions.
16. A reaffirmation of the independence of the United States and protection of the right to self-government without legal recognition of any foreign authority as to the interpretation of the U.S. Constitution.
17. The lack of border security to protect America from terrorists and all illegal immigration. 17. Our nation develop and maintain strong border controls to protect us from foreign terrorists and the flow of illegal immigration. We welcome legal immigrants, especially those fleeing government persecution because of their religious beliefs or other basic human rights.
18. Judges who exceed their authority to interpret law by intruding on the authority of the legislative and executive branches of government. 18. The nomination and confirmation of highly qualified individuals as judges who have demonstrated a commitment to the limited role of the judicial branch, the rule of law and respect for the text of the state and U.S. Constitutions.
19. The security of our nation and the increasing pressure to weaken the country’s defenses. 19. The United States deploy the strongest national defense system in the world as a deterrent to foreign aggression.
20. The fiscal responsibility of the U.S. government including the national debt and its impact on the economic well-being of the nation. 20. Budget restraint which embodies responsible spending, small government and a budget in which the U.S. government spends within its means and ceases to steal from future generations.
21. The encroachment of Sharia Law and other forms of foreign law (including U.N. treaties and resolutions) into our American judicial systems. We also fear the usurpation of human rights and dignity by Islamic fascist regimes around the world. 21. That legislation is put in place by state legislatures and the federal government to ensure that only American law is used in American courts. We will also work to protect the God-given rights endowed by our Creator in countries around the globe.
22. The threat of global terrorism and the movement in the Middle East to squelch the nation of Israel.
22. Regular Prayer for God’s protection over Israel by CWA Prayer/Action Chapters. The safety of Israel in spite of the terrorist attempts to destroy Israel. Discontinuation of millions of U.S. government dollars sent to nations who support terrorism.
23. The increased anti-Israel sentiment within our government. 23. Laws and policies that strengthen the ties between Israel and the U.S. Policies enacted by our State Department, Department of Defense and others that encourage the development of our relationship with Israel.

Approved by the Board of Trustees September 2017