The boycott of Target stores is a great first step.

But Target will only change their policy regarding public restrooms if we force their hand. These action steps will bring awareness to your community, challenge local Target management, and alert the media to this critical cause.

Please take action now:

  • Call Target at 1-800-440-0680 and respectfully express your disappointment. Explain why you have joined the national boycott.
  • Call your local Target store manager and let him or her know why you will no longer be shopping at their store. Find your store information at
  • Gather some of your friends and stand outside the local Target on the public sidewalk. Invite the local media to join you and share your opinion.
  • Write letters to the editor of your local newspapers.
  • Hand out this flyer to your friends and in your church to promote the boycott.

Most important, please give today to keep CWA on the front lines of this critical battle. Together, we will keep our children safe!

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