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Is This the New Face of Sex Tourism?9/4/2013

Women who are looking for love with men they pay for sex are going to be sadly disappointed.  READ MORE

CROUSE: Pornography to Become Even More Readily Available on the Internet8/7/2013

Quietly, the governing board of the internet approved a new .PORN domain on the internet. The cost? Grave social destruction.  READ MORE

Operation Cross Country: Rescuing Children and Raising Questions8/6/2013

If there are 300,000 minors at risk for sexual exploitation, shouldn’t all of the manpower and resources aimed at rescuing them have been able to find more?  READ MORE

Little-Circulated Studies of Minors in Prostitution Make Startling Discoveries7/31/2013

When people hear the term “commercial sexual exploitation of children,” most picture young girls being held captive by pimps. Surprisingly, that’s not the scene a group of researchers discovered.  READ MORE

State Department’s Sex Trafficking Scandals7/8/2013

Pssst, did you hear? President Obama is replacing Ambassador Howard Gutman in Belgium. You remember Ambassador Gutman, don’t you?  READ MORE

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