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Evangelical Influence in the 2012 Election10/31/2012

For the first time in U.S. history, a Republican presidential ticket does not have a Protestant on it.  READ MORE

Tebow Wants a Wife with a Servant’s Heart10/17/2012

As believers, serving should be our focus and priority; that’s the attitude that should characterize Christians and permeate our relationships with others.  READ MORE

Crouse: The Flap Over Jesus’ Wife9/28/2012

A Harvard Divinity School professor claims that a papyrus fragment about the size of a business card with Coptic script on both sides indicates that Jesus had a wife.  READ MORE

Obama Reinvents Sacred Themes for 20126/11/2012

While his record as president makes it abundantly clear that he does not walk on water, the president is still incorporating the same religious code words that ensured his victory in 2008.

Making the CASE for a Sound Economy8/4/2011

he National Association of Evangelicals, the National Council of Churches and others have backed a Jim Wallis-initiated effort to increase national spending on government spending on the poor.  READ MORE

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