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ObamaCare Debuts to Glitchy Reviews10/15/2013

It has been two weeks since that inauspicious opening, and the reviews are in: the ObamaCare rollout was an unmitigated disaster.  READ MORE

Government Spending Is Ruining Families9/4/2013

While the damage is already devastating, the debt crisis will continue wreaking havoc on today’s children when they are adults starting their own families.

World Congress of Families VII in Sydney Gains International Influence5/23/2013

Despite the unrelenting assaults of post-modern disparagement of marriage and family of the last century or more, the natural family’s resonance is cause to hope for a brighter future.  READ MORE

Convicted: Gosnell Found Guilty of Murder5/14/2013

The pro-life community is applauding the finding of guilt.  READ MORE

The ‘War on Women’ Myth or Reality?4/19/2013

Panelists weighed in on the question of whether there is a cultural “war against women” and if so, what the nature of that war might be.  READ MORE

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