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A Declaration about America’s Fiscal Crisis6/27/2011

The outcry over deficit spending and the rapidly escalating national debt is reaching ear-piercing levels, and dire warnings about the economy from every corner of the nation. Read More.  READ MORE

Projected Federal Deficit5/6/2011

Obama ignored the fiscal predicament in which we find ourselves, and it was not just Republicans who called him on it (the Washington Post, for one, called him the “Punter-in-Chief”).  READ MORE

The Inflation-Unemployment Texas Two-Step12/22/2010

Republican leaders in Congress say they have ‘deep concerns’ about the inflationary potential of Ben S. Bernanke’s second round of quantitative easing.  READ MORE

Not Just the Rates, but the Tax Regs Monstrosity is 2 Big 2 B Fixed ~ It Needs 2 B Nixed!12/14/2010

The number of pages in the tax code and regulations doubled from 1984 to 2003, according to tax publisher CCH.  READ MORE

Tax Cuts: Rip Off for the Rich or Stimulus for the Economy?12/7/2010

In the past, under both Democrat and Republican administrations, tax rate cuts spurred economic growth and resulted in the wealthy paying MORE in taxes, not less.  READ MORE

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