penny-lg-colorDear Friend,

I need your help with an important project — to show your steadfast support for Israel and respond with practical help and hope at a time of crisis.

As you know, Palestinian incitement has sparked a terrible wave of violence in Jerusalem and the West Bank … putting our friend (and America’s ally) Israel at terrible risk.

This situation is escalating by the day. Israeli citizens have been murdered. Israeli soldiers are on high alert.

So I’m calling on YOU — and every pro-Israel member of CWA like you — to help us come to Israel’s aid right now.

Your immediate gift of $48 or more will provide a backpack of urgently needed supplies for an Israeli Border Patrol Soldier. CWA has been asked to help meet needs at this time of crisis. PLEASE HELP US RESPOND.

These backpacks, sent to soldiers who are risking their lives, are filled with critical supplies: a neck warmer, jacket, bags for bullet-proof vests, emergency food, and more.

Your gift of $48 provides one backpack. $96 will bless two soldiers today. Every generous gift will help CWA respond — our goal is to distribute 4,100 backpacks with your help as soon as possible.

Support for Israel is one of CWA’s core issues. We continue to stand with our ally in word and deed:

Condemning the violence.Pushing for legislation that protects and supports Israel.Calling attention to this escalating issue online and in the media.Encouraging America’s leaders to act on Israel’s behalf.

Please keep Israel in your prayers and stand with us as we stand with God’s Chosen People.



Penny Nance

Penny Nance Chief Executive Officer and President Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee

P.S. This is a real and practical way we can show our deep support for Israel at a time of terrible crisis and violence. I’m counting on you and every member of CWA to respond generously, with compassion, and as God has commanded: in support of Israel.

Please give now to help us bless Israeli troops with backpacks filled with supplies.Thank you.