ALEC Exposes Kinsey’s Role in Sabotaging American Law

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The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), an organization of 2,400 conservative state legislators issued in April 2004 a “State Factor” report entitled: “Restoring Legal Protections for Women And Children: A Historical Analysis of The States’ Criminal Codes.”

With chilling detail and an avalanche of historical facts, the paper details how junk sex science has deformed our thinking and laws and builds a vital case for timely and aggressive action to restore meaningful protections for women, children, and families.

The ALEC report is intended as a valuable reference and resource to educate the voting public and to aid workers of conscience in and around government. The paper offers an invaluable historical perspective, current analysis, and an informed understanding of public issues crucial to the protection of America’s families and young people.

Some highlights from the paper include:

  • Detailed documentation of how Alfred Kinsey (The Kinsey reports: 1948 and 1953), a pornography-addicted, sadomasochistic, bi/homosexual pedophile propagandist was able to launch the sexual revolution, reduce sex crime penalties and sabotage American sex law.
  • ALEC explains how the states adopted Kinsey’s bad data into law, penology and social issues, especially promoting its application in “sex education” and sex ed curricula.
  • More specifically, Kinseyan law “revisers” ended our American Common Law sexual controls via:
    • Sex law Revision Commissions using Kinsey and his therapeutic elites as consultants
    • Bar, law school journal and media articles relying on Kinsey
    • Creation of the 1955 Kinsey-based American Law Institute Model Penal Code
    • Redefining sexual predators as “ill” and in need of therapeutic/drug cures and early parole.
  • Conclusions are based on data from 30 states, focusing on six states: Missouri, Kentucky, New Jersey, Kansas, Minnesota and Georgia. For example, in Missouri revisionists redefined rape as 11 different crimes yielding more than 11 different adjudication issues and sentences.
    • Rapist(s) can now plea-bargain for a substantially lesser offense (e.g., sexual misconduct or simple assault).
    • In other cases, offenders simply pay a misdemeanor fine, avoiding the “sex crime” stigma.
    • Like all states, to make these changes, Missouri relied on the Kinsey-based 1955 ALI Model Penal Code
  • Other states Law Journals cite the Kinsey Report data to:
    • Legalize prostitution (Maine, 1976)
    • Trivialize boy prostitution (Duke University, 1960)
    • Lighten all sex crime penalties (Ohio, 1959)
    • Express “beneficent concern for pedophiles” (Georgia, 1969)
    • Aid molesters as children seduce men (Missouri, 1973, Tennessee, 1965)
    • Reject judicial “condemnation of sex offenders” (Pennsylvania, 1952)
    • Assert that 95% of males are sex offenders (Oregon, 1972)
    • Reduce, eliminate most sex crime laws, including rape (Oklahoma, 1970)
    • Legalize homosexuality (South Dakota, 1968)
    • Legalize sodomy if 10%-37% of males have been homosexual (most journals)
    • Ridicule virtue, honor, chastity as unrealistic (Playboy’s Hefner; Colorado, 1967)
  • The massive increase in juvenile and adult sexual crime and disorder post 1950 fully identifies the painfully high costs of Kinsey’s “junk science” to society.
  • ALEC goes on to document how Kinsey’s junk science continues to undermine our legal protection and safety and how its influence will exponentially multiply after Lawrence v. Texas.
  • “Today Kinsey’s ‘”junk science”‘ is the unquestioned foundation for all the legal, legislative and media debate on marriage and civil unions.” (As Former ALEC President and California Senate Republican Whip, Ray Haynes’ Introduction to the state factor.)
  • As a bottom-line, supporting opinions and analysis suggest that “Any judge, legislator or other public official who gives credence to [Kinsey’s] research is guilty of malpractice and dereliction of duty. (Notre Dame Constitutional law Prof., C. Rice)

For more details please contact Dr. J.A. Reisman, ALEC “Junk Science” Advisor at 1-800-476-0975 or Dr. L. Jeffrey, ALEC Author (for the 192 page report) at 1-800-837-0544. For a copy of the 16-page report please contact ALEC at 202-466-3800, or download it here.

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