“A Different Kind of Strength” Named Inspirational Book of the Month

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“A Different Kind of Strength”
Named Inspirational Book of the Month

Washington, D.C.-“Suddenly, out of the blue, life can fall apart. With stunning swiftness we can be left staring numbly into the void.” Thus begins A Different Kind of Strength, a book that deals with the basic questions we all face when disaster strikes. We ask, “Where is God? Why does He let things like this happen? Doesn’t He care about us?” Shunning easy answers, A Different Kind of Strength, confronts the harsh realities of real life, and people are responding.

The recently-published book-co-authored by Mrs. Beverly LaHaye, Founder and Chairman of Concerned Women for America, and Janice Shaw Crouse, Executive Director and Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute (BLI): A Center for Studies in Women’s Issues-has chalked up another recognition. Conservative Book Club (CBC) just selected it as its Inspirational Book of the Month.

“We are hearing from women (and men!) across America-when life falls apart and our dreams have died we all seek hope, inspiration and strength. The flawed and ordinary women in Christ’s ancestry provide evidence that God can transform our lives and use us for His purposes in spite of our mistakes, weaknesses or external circumstances. Therein is marvelous hope for us all!” said co-author, Janice Crouse, on hearing about the book’s selection as CBC’s Inspirational Book of the Month.

The book tells the stories of five Biblical women and analyzes each woman’s strengths from a Biblical perspective. Editors of the Conservative Book Club wrote: “Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba and Mary were all in the ancestry of Jesus. They all had gripping stories written about them in the Bible. They also have lessons to teach us today. A Different Kind of Strength gives us their story in a modern style, and then, with concise Biblical scholarship, helps us understand their lives. LaHaye and Crouse remind us that every woman, regardless of her human failures, background or circumstance, can make a difference both in her own life and in the world at large. A thoughtful and inspiring book.”

Our postmodern culture tells women to achieve personal fulfillment through their own determined efforts. But when life falls apart, women (and men) need a different kind of strength-God’s strength. LaHaye and Crouse take the reader on a journey to see how to find strength and meaning in our circumstances when things fall apart. Vonette Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, said, “This is a book of encouragement and hope.” Kay F. Rader, former World President of the Women’s Organizations of the Salvation Army wrote that these are “stunning portraits of God’s way with His people.”

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