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You Can Oppose the Horrible Health Framework – in Sacramento and/or Right from Home!

A heartfelt thank you to all of those who responded to our last e-alert on the California Health Education Curriculum Framework by sending your opposing comments to the California Department of Education.

As I mentioned before, this framework indoctrinates our public-school children on gender ideology and gratuitous, controversial sexual practices information, and more, in direct opposition to the Bible’s principles. It is our civic and Christian duty to speak up. We must continue to maintain the pressure.

Please take action now!

  1. Video Lobbying: We have joined with other pro-family groups in a video project. Families opposed to the proposed Health Education Curriculum Framework across the state are uniting together in a video effort this week (January 21-25). The goal is to inundate lawmakers with heartfelt, informal, brief videos from parents, grandparents and concerned Californians expressing their opposition to the California Health Education Curriculum Framework. It’s easy! Using your mobile phone, laptop or tablet, simply record a 30second to two-minute video expressing your opposition in your own words. You can use the previous alert for talking points to assist you. Please do not hesitate to take this action, and ask others to do the same. Time is of the essence.

IMPORTANT FOR YOUR RECORDING: After you introduce yourself, state you are a member of Concerned Women for America of California and then complete your brief recording. Once complete, email your video to me by this Friday, January 25, at [email protected].

  1. Rally: CWA of California is joining with Informed Parents of California, along with several like-minded groups, for a rally day to oppose the appalling framework. Join us this Friday, January 25 from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. at the State Capitol to oppose the proposed Health Curriculum Framework and the Healthy Youth Act. 

We must step up NOW to stop this very dangerous curriculum framework and protect our children.  Help us show “strength in numbers” by attending the rally.

  1. Spread the Word: Please pass this e-alert on to others. Encourage them to both pray and act immediately.

Please continue to pray against this horrendous assault on our children’s innocence. Pray for you school board members and local communities to awaken and oppose the California Health Education Curriculum Framework.

Marlo Tucker
State Director
CWA of California
[email protected]