More “Pro-Choice” Hysteria

I have told you many times that there are an infinite number of reasons you do not want to be “pro-choice.” Reason number 12,345,700: it’s just so tiring.

Did you see the feverish frenzy this weekend over the Doritos Super Bowl commercial?

First, watch the commercial, please!

That’s it. Cute, no? Simple. Funny. Endearing.

No, no, no, no! Not if you are part of the radical feminist clan who watches the football game, not for entertainment and a good time with family and friends, but to “analyze” any and all aspects of the game to see if it promotes their narrative or not.

If not, well, well, well … I give you the National Abortion Rights Action League (although they don’t like that name any more — too sexist, or something — now they’re NARAL Pro-Choice America):

How twisted is that? I tell you, whatever you do, don’t be “pro-choice.” You don’t want to be represented by this tweet. All women, whatever their views on abortion should reject the extremism of the “pro-choice” movement.

Luckily, my friend and colleague Jaime, gave me hope for my daughters’ future with one simple tweet pointing out the ridiculousness of it all:

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