URGENT: Two Distinct and Important Events Happening March 2

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us supreme court for roarMarch 2 is a very big day for our nation.

The first major event is a large rally outside the Supreme Court on the first day of oral arguments regarding Whole Women’s Health v. Cole, colloquially referred to as the “Texas abortion clinic regulations case.”  Texas passed state legislation requiring abortion clinics to meet the standards of surgical outpatient clinics, including ambulance access, and also required abortion doctors to have hospital admitting privileges to allow follow up with women experiencing complications.  These laws have helped ensure that abortions are truly safe in Texas.

If the court rules 4-4, with Scalia now missing, then the ruling of the lower court — which ruled in favor of the legality of the clinic regulations — will stand.  However, there is a possibility that the court will rule 5-3, which would strike down the clinic regulations and, potentially, severely limit the state’s rights to regulate the abortion industry.  As the first serious abortion case that the Supreme Court has heard since 1992, the stakes are high.

Many of the arguments will ask questions about intentions behind a law.  According to legal precedent in Planned Parenthood v. Casey, a 1992 case, abortion regulations were proclaimed legal only under certain conditions that depend on the type of regulation, the extent of that regulation, and the true purpose of that regulation.

Casey addressed other types of regulations, too.  As PBS reported, “The Court proclaimed that any regulation that imposes a ‘substantial obstacle’ preventing a woman from obtaining a legal abortion is an ‘undue burden’ that violates the woman’s constitutional right to an abortion.”  In other words, regulations about abortion clinics and procedures would be allowed if the intention was truly to ensure health and safety, not to limit access to legal abortion, which had already been ruled a constitutional right.  Many abortion clinics have shut down as a result of the Texas regulations — and there will be questions of whether that and that alone was the true driving force between passing the law in the first place, or whether it was only a side effect of the law. However, many of the abortion clinics shut down for other reasons, and there is nothing preventing an abortion clinic that meets the reasonable health standards from legally functioning in Texas.

It will be hard for the court to develop a true metric of measuring the intention behind a law.  If the justices are to maintain the precedent of Planned Parenthood v. Casey, and if the court determines that the true intention of this law is shutting down abortion clinics and limiting  access to abortion, then the clinic regulations will be ruled unconstitutional.  But if the court sees the law as centered on women’s health — making abortion not just legal, but also safe — then the court will let the regulations stand.

The second big event happening is the first hearing of the Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives. This was the panel formed in the wake of this summer’s Planned Parenthood video scandal exposing the apparent trafficking of fetal tissue after abortion.  This hearing with focus on ethical questions, and a witness list is posted here.  The panel is headed by Chairman Marsha Blackburn, who commented:

“We will hear from professors who teach ethics, from medical practitioners, from those who do biomedical research, from those within America’s faith traditions — so that we as legislators might become informed about the ethical implications and issues for the women who terminate a pregnancy, for the researcher, for the person who needs a cure, and for the baby. I look forward to a productive, thought-provoking discussion for all the Select Panel Member.”

Both of these events are important, and many will be interested in their outcomes.  However, they are not to be confused with one another, and neither case is about making abortion illegal.  The Supreme Court case is about women’s safety in obtaining an abortion. The panel hearing is a different event specifically regarding the ethical questions surrounding fetal tissue donation and research. Again, neither case is about abortion itself, only on the related, yet distinct, issues of clinic conditions and fetal tissue use.

Concerned Women for America’s intention is always to protect both women and babies. We will have representatives at both events and will work to keep you updated on both situations.

Time to End “Back-Alley Abortion Clinics”

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Rally in Support of Texas Woman’s Health Law to be Held at the Supreme Court During Oral Arguments 

Washington, D.C. – Statement by Penny Nance, CEO & President of Concerned Women for America at the United States Supreme Court on the day of oral arguments in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt in favor of Texas’ sensible clinic regulations.

“I want to thank each of you for being here today. This is an historic day in the fight for civil rights. Martin Luther King, Jr., would have been proud to see you here!

“If they were alive today, suffragists like Susan B. Anthony would be standing in this podium cheering you on today.

“Because, today, we are standing up for equality!

“It is simply appalling that abortionists and abortion supporters insist on treating women like second-class citizens.

“Why don’t they want to give women the highest quality care available? Why do they stand in the way of progress? Why would they continue to put women’s lives at risk for the sake of political ideology?

“This case is not about abortion. This case is about making sure women receive the best care available, even when they choose to have an abortion.

“We live in a post-Gosnell world. If the abortion industry truly cared about women, they would be standing right here with us today, demanding women be treated with respect and dignity. We should be united on this.

“But the abortion industry has, once again, been exposed for the sham that it is. They don’t care if their policies enable the Gosnell’s of the world. They are perfectly fine with allowing Gosnell-like doctors to operate in unsanitary conditions, risking women’s lives every time a complication arises, and yes, even discriminating base on the patient’s race.

“If you remember, Gosnell had a more “sanitized” room for his “white” patients. The filthier one he reserved especially for minority women, because he thought they were less likely to complain to the authorities.

“And the Gosnell clinic operated unsupervised for fifteen long, treacherous years.

“Finally, the investigation which uncovered everything (which only opened because it was part of a drug bust, by the way) revealed the clinic had not been inspected precisely because of the political pressure that our good friends on the other side place on states like Texas, taking them all the way to their friends at the Supreme Court if they have to.

“After dealing with the Gosnell case, District Attorney Seth Williams, who is not a pro-life activist like me, marveled that, “There’s more oversight for women’s hair salons than for abortion clinics in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

“Well, God bless Texas! Anyone from Texas here?

“God bless Texas because it refuses to be the next Pennsylvania, waiting until another woman’s death before pushing back on this political correct nonsense.

“God bless Texas because it refuses to put women at risk by leaving them to the mercy of self-regulating abortionists.

“God bless Texas for standing up to the political bullies of the abortion lobby for the sake of our daughters.

“God bless Texas for leading the way to the next frontier of the civil rights movement: the fight for the sanctity of every human life and the intrinsic value of the individual.

“We urge the Supreme Court Justices to resist the temptation to play super-legislature once again on the issue of abortion. Nothing in the Constitution warrants that they substitute their policy judgment for that of Texas. They should not stand in the way of commonsense measures that protect women in crisis pregnancies.

“Abortion doctors and abortion clinics must provide quality care to their patients. There is nothing unreasonable about that, and women deserve no less.

“It is time to end these “back-alley abortion clinics!”

“And for the Supreme Court to stand in the way of that effort would be not only unconstitutional, it would be unconscionable, inhumane, discriminatory, and immoral.”


For an interview with Penny Nance, please contact Janae Stracke at or 712-269-1724.

SCOTUS, Remember That Abortion Safety Truly Cares for Women

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In the first major abortion case in almost 10 years, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for the Texas abortion case Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, a challenge to new Texas regulations requiring hospital admitting privileges and Ambulatory Surgical Center health and safety standards that abortion clinics must now meet.

The case Read More

South Texas Takes on the Issues of National Security and Planned Parenthood

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txpic24Dear Members,

Many thanks to the globe-trotting MerryLynn Gerstenschlager for speaking at our meeting at the home of member Debbie Smith. MerryLynn was in Paris for the Climate Summit and has been to many other such gatherings as a representative for Eagle Forum.

As always, Alison Gardner prepared a delicious breakfast, with help from Darlene Whitsel and Frances McAneer.  A beautiful and timely opening prayer was given by Jean Crisp.

MerryLynn spoke on national security, a grave concern for all of us as Islamic extremists attack our own citizens right here on American soil and people sneak across our porous borders. While we certainly should be well-informed about the dangers at home and abroad and take steps to protect ourselves, we still must “watch and pray”, knowing our God is greater and stronger than any threats we face.

We signed a petition to be sent to Sen. Mitch McConnell and Speaker Paul Ryan in Washington, D.C., to continue to demand that no tax dollars be given to Planned Parenthood. We will not allow the President’s veto to deter us in this fight to prevent the wanton abuse of our unborn citizens.

Please click here to sign the petition online and then join us in prayer as we seek to restore a culture of life in our nation.

Many thanks to each of you who prays, educates others, and works to bring about a return to Biblical values.

Beverly Uhlmer Roberts
Area Director
CWA of South Texas

Press Conference: Texas Leaders File Legal Briefs Supporting HB 2

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View February 4 press conference at the U.S. Supreme Court.

CWA of Texas joined Texas Values, Texas Right to Life, Texas Eagle Forum, 3801 Lancaster, Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, Texas Center for Defense of Life to file legal briefs in support of HB 2.  They stood in defense of the common-sense safety standards for abortion clinics in HB 2 that protect women and children.

Go to 9:33 to watch State Director Ann Hettinger’s comments.

How to Pray for Our American Elections

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Few opportunities come to individuals to make an eternal impact with profound current significance.  Prayer is just such an opportunity.  In the life of America, beginning May 14, 1607, in Jamestown, Virginia, under a sail converted to an awning, Christians have turned to God to guide and strengthen them.  Even more today, most Americans depend on our God to shield and defend us.  This prayer guide is presented as a tool for individuals and groups to use as they ask Him for wisdom and courage to return America to the precepts of God on which it was founded through those whom we elect.  Our thanks to Harvest Prayer Ministries for this great prayer guide, How to Pray for an Election.

The Fight Continues For the Safety of Texas Bathrooms for Women and Girls

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“And He answered and said to them, ‘Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning “made them male and female,” and said, “For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh”? So then, they are no longer two but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate,’” Matthew 19:4-6.

Following the approval by the Dallas City Council on Tuesday, November 10, 2015, allowing transgenders use of women’s facilities, lawmakers are reporting increased calls urging them to approve this measure.

If you are opposed to men using women’s facilities because they, “at the moment,” feel they are female, then you must contact your State Representative and State Senator and tell them to support efforts to stop this endangerment to women and girls.  NO MEN IN WOMEN’S BATHROOMS!

Take Action: Go to to find out who your representative and senator are and how to contact them.  When calling ask the staffer that answers where the legislator stands on the issue.  Then, either commend them or politely inform them of your disapproval and ask them to encourage the legislator to support any efforts to stop this endangerment to women and girls.  When e-mailing or writing a letter, state your position and request a reply.

Pray With Us:  “Father, The hosts of God-haters are again attempting to pervert the morality of our citizens and impel them to accept the lies of Satan.  Your creation, the male and female genders, are pure and without exception.  Your directions are clear and abound in consequences for failure to honor.  Our request is that You empower Your children, those called by Your name, to take bold and tenacious stands against the office holders who dare defy Your precepts.  As we have seen Your powerful hand of victory in other causes, may we be the beneficiaries of that same miraculous omnipotence in this deceptive and dangerous act by the City of Dallas.”

Note:  Click here to further your understanding of this growing gender issue.

State Leader Spotlight: Beverly Roberts

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Policy PassionBeverly Roberts before Senate Committee on State Affairs 2015


How did you get started with CWA?

“I joined CWA at the invitation of a stateside friend while living overseas because I wanted to impact the culture despite living outside the country.  After returning to Houston in 1996, I was delighted to discover an active group of people whom I could join to be educated and to pray and work to restore our country to righteousness.”

Tell us about a cool opportunity you’ve had to serve God through CWA.

“After a few years of being a member, I applied for a leadership position and was approved as Legislative Liaison for Texas. I loved going to Austin to advocate for life and marriage as those are the areas where I feel called to be involved. While in Austin one session, I visited the office of one of the north Texas representatives on an issue.  When his staffer offered to let me talk to him on the phone while he was on the House floor, I was happy for that opportunity.  However, much to my surprise, he said he would come to the office to see me in person.  Wow! I was not even his constituent, but he came because I represented the thousands of CWA members whom he greatly respected.”

Recently Bev had the chance to testify before the Texas state Senate Affairs Committee concerning SB 2065 which was a bill that would protect members of the clergy from being forced to perform marriage ceremonies that conflict with their religious convictions. This is just one of many examples of times where God has used Bev to speak up for Biblical Truth in Texas.

You can watch the video of Bev’s testimony here.

Why CWA?

“Working as a ‘lone wolf’ may be gratifying, but if you really want to make a difference, join your voice with those of thousands of other like-minded citizens for a major impact.”

Call to Action

Like Bev, you have the opportunity to join with thousands of like-minded individuals who are passionate about the issues that matter most to you. You could be the next voice that impacts America! Join CWA in your state today! For more information on how to lead or join a CWA State Chapter or Prayer and Action Chapter, attend events and rallies, sign petitions, and much more visit: