Nelson Praised Sessions, Now He Should Vote to Confirm Him

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Sen. Jeff Sessions has been nominated by President-elect Donald Trump as the nation’s next Attorney General. As the state director of Concerned Women for America of Florida, I represent the concerns of so many Floridian women who are ecstatic about such a great candidate.  We are eager to see justice and respect for the rule of law return to the Department of Justice (DOJ), and we hope our senator feels likewise. Read More

The Left and the Sessions Nomination

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I have a new piece out on the left’s insidious use of racial innuendo against Sen. Jeff Sessions as he is considered to become the nation’s next Attorney General.  Here is my conclusion:

The charges of racism from the left are hollow to the core. They have actually hurt the cause of civil rights, and I hope the American people continue to reject them by supporting the nomination of Jeff Sessions to be our next U.S. attorney general.

Click here to read the op-ed in full as featured on  American Thinker.

Concerned Women for America Spearheads Effort to Confirm Sessions

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Concerned Women for Ameria (CWA), as the largest public policy organization for women in the country, is leading an effort to support the confirmation of Sen. Jeff Sessions as the next Attorney General of the United States and to stand up against the unfair attacks of the left and its media allies to smear the character of a good man. CWA is collecting signatures for a coalition letter that highlight some of Sen. Sessions’ excellent qualifications for the position. It reads:

Sen. Sessions is a man of integrity with years of experience serving the American people. His impartial application of the law makes Sen. Sessions a champion of unbiased justice. His defense of civil rights, criminal justice reform, and general promotion of the fair rule of law has earned him bipartisan political support as well as endorsements from multiple national law enforcement for his nomination to Attorney General. Sen. Sessions is more than qualified to ensure justice for all Americans.

The letter highlights five crucial areas of Sen. Sessions’ stellar record:

  1. His many years of service
  2. His commitment to civil rights
  3. His bipartisan efforts to bring about criminal justice reform
  4. His commitment to equal justice
  5. And his commitment to putting the American people first

Click here to read the coalition letter in full (.pdf format).

Holder-Sessions Timeline Comparison

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As a matter of public service, since we know the left is going crazy about the nomination of Sen. Jeff Sessions to be the next U.S. Attorney General, here is a timeline comparison between President-elect Trump’s nomination of Jeff Sessions and President Obama’s nomination of Attorney General Eric Holder.

Given this comparison, we can safely conclude that the left’s call for more time is wholly inadequate for what they found reasonable under President Obama.  We can also say that Republican leadership is not trying to rush things in any way, but is instead abiding by the same standard of deference they extended President Obama on his nominee.

Rise of the Totalitarian Atheistic State

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walshThere is a bonus scene at the end of the movie “God’s Not Dead 2,” that seemed comical to many because it is so far-fetched. A pastor is, very peacefully and matter-of-factly, arrested for refusing to hand over his sermons to the state.

Two police officers hand cuff him and read him his Miranda rights. “Sorry about this pastor,” one of the officers says, as they put him in the backseat of their patrol car and drive the willing law breaker away.

His two Christian friends Mark and Rev. Jude are left behind. Mark says, “What do we do now?” To which the Rev. Jude responds: “Same as always Mark. We pray … in faith.”

But the scene is not at all far-fetched.

The state of Georgia recently tried to compel, under the threat of law, Dr. Eric Walsh, a Seventh-day Adventist lay minister, to “produce a copy of [his] sermon notes and/or transcripts.”
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Deadly “Locker Room Talk”

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Whatever our opinion of the Donald Trump candidacy, we must be careful not to flippantly dismiss his comments and actions in the recently surfaced “Access Hollywood” tape as just “locker room talk.”  They must be categorically condemned.

Many have discussed its effect on women, but I want to talk to all the young men observing what has transpired and deliver a warning: That sort of locker room talk will get you killed.

Donald Trump must not only apologize for it (which he has), he must repent.

“Hillary is worse,” might be a reason to vote for him, but it will not serve him one bit when he stands before his Maker.  And, at least for Christians, this should be the issue.  We do not fear the death of the body; we fear the loss of our souls.

Donald Trump is a very successful businessman, winning or losing the election won’t change that.  But as a man, he will have to deal with the bigger existential questions of life whatever the case.

There are temptations and struggles that come from the sort of power Trump has attained.  The Scriptures are absolutely bold in proclaiming it.  It is difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven, and here is an example of the sort of issues that plague them.  I have no doubt Donald Trump’s success has an incredibly disarming effect on many beautiful women.  Yet, he must resist all that and be a servant.  This would be incredibly difficult for anyone in that position.

Difficult but not impossible — for “with God all things are possible.”

But engaging in the sort of behavior depicted in the video puts our souls at risk.  Let us change locker rooms if we must.  There are times when we absolutely should leave friendships, jobs, or environments that are detrimental to our lives.

Let us apply it here and flee the sexual immorality of “the locker room” — and love our neighbor as ourselves.

It is no good for us to respect those we believe deserve respect.  That is not virtue.  It actually shows you only respect yourself, for you make the judgment on who deserves respect and who does not.  It’s a kind of idolatry of self that ultimately betrays the first commandment.

We’ve all heard young men talk this way.  Those who say, “Oh, we’re just fooling around; she’s not marriage material.”  Well, if this is you, you are not only harming the young woman; you are gambling with your very life.

Christian virtue respects others because we are all made in the image of God.  We are all walking statues that testify of the Living God, our Maker.  How then are we to defile one another in such a way?

Respecting others is respecting God.  Defiling others, in this way or in any other way, is to defile the God Whose image we bear.

So, young men, let me encourage you to reject the world’s “boys will be boys” motif.  Do not accept the pretentious claims of so-called scientists who say that you can’t help it, you can’t control yourself.

You absolutely can. You must.

As Joseph did before Potiphar’s wife: run!  Do not flirt with the sexual temptations that will absolutely assail you at every turn in this day and age.  Take them seriously and reject them.

The Spirit of the Age will surely discourage and make fun of you, but stand firm, whatever the cost. God will be with you and honor your faithfulness as he did Joseph’s.

The same is true of Donald Trump.  It will do him no good to win the presidency, even the whole world, and fail to address the underlying issue of sin that plagues him, as it does all of us.

The path to winning the election is through the ballot box; the path to salvation, through the cross.